Five Creative Ideas For Planning The Perfect Surprise Party

by - Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Many adults and kids like to be recognized on their birthdays.  However, planning birthday parties can get more challenging as people get older.  Most adults cannot get away with renting a bouncy-thing and buying a few balloons for a birthday party.  Consequently, many adult birthdays fall flat.  Dinner parties are nice, but the perfect surprise party can make things even better.  Show someone that is special to you how much you and others care by planning the perfect surprise birthday party. 

Below are five creative ideas to make surprise birthday parties for adults more fun:

1.Get the Surprise Part Right

There are a number of ways to pull off a great surprise.  It is important to recognize that pulling off a surprise party takes a good amount of tact and balance.  Often, pretending you forgot all about the birthday can result in temporarily hurt feelings or ruin the surprise altogether.  Come up with a simple birthday-related white lie such as, “Meet me at my place so we can drive to the restaurant together.”  Pretend that you came up with a boring birthday plan, and take it from there. 

2.Have Some Fun Party Planning

Custom banners are a great way to add something extra to party planning.  Think outside of the typical “Happy Birthday” banner.  Add images, add fun memories, or add inside jokes.  Wishing a loved one a happy birthday is great.  However, taking the time to design a custom banner can add something extra.  Make surprise birthday parties for adults joyous instead of depressing.

3.Consider Mixing Other Party Traditions into the Mix

Some people simply are not great with gifts.  Also, putting a $20 bill in a card can be seen as a little lackluster.  Come up with fun games when giving gifts and party favors.  Try to mix white elephant gift giving into a fun party.  The birthday girl or boy will have the privilege of going first and later stealing multiple gifts. 

4.Who Doesn’t Love a Good Cake [or a Great Dessert]?

Refined sugars and complex carbs typically are not so great for people that have diabetes or people that are actively trying to lose weight.  Get a phenomenal and memorable dessert that might be a little outside of the norm.  Think about custom-made candies, fun cocktails, or other boutique-dessert items that adults can enjoy.

The good cake - Homer Simpson inspired chocolate cake for my boyfriend who adores The Simpsons telly show.  Yup!  Baked the cake and sculpted the decorative pieces myself.

The great dessert – white chocolate cheesecake with whipped cream and dark chocolate covered mallows.

5.The More the Merrier

Invite more people to create a relaxed atmosphere where guests can mingle, converse, and have a great time.  A vinyl banner can help unfamiliar guests know where to go.  After all, seeing a long line of cars parked on a residential street is usually a dead giveaway that something is going on.  Once again, the banner can say something funny or memorable without directly reminding the guest of honor that he or she is an entire year older. 

Make Birthdays Fun After Your Early Twenties

Perhaps turning a year older is not nearly as depressing as the impending birthday party (or lack thereof).  Get creative, and plan the perfect surprise party.  Birthday party planning can give you the opportunity to go out on a limb.  Try something different, and accomplish planning a truly memorable party. 

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