Impress Your Neighbors With Christmas Lights

by - Thursday, October 17, 2013

Winter is coming, but that shiver running up and down your spine is not just attributed to the cold weather. You are probably excited for the Yuletide season as well. Last year, your neighbors outdid you in the design department. They left your jaw hanging due to the creative embellishments that they managed to spawn for Christmas. Do not let them get away with it this year. Make sure that you are ahead of them by planning what you are going to put up, and by using decors like Christmas Lights to outshine and even impress everyone on the neighborhood.

The Roof Is On Fire - If you want your neighbors to see your décor from far away, then not only do you need to use several Christmas Lights, you need to place them on strategic locations as well. As the roof can be seen several yards away, it only makes sense to bedazzle it with Christmas Lights. The positioning, color, and type of lights that you will use is entirely up to you. Just make sure to use enough of them so everyone will notice. If you are running low on supplies, you can get a fresh batch on www.christmaslightsetc.com.

A Walk To Remember- You can also put Christmas Lights on the walkway. You can position them on the side of the pathway, or the surrounding landscape. If you have trees scattered around, then it would be the perfect place to hang your Christmas Lights. You can even utilize the bushes for your little project. If trees and bushes are nonexistent in your yard, then get a classic reindeer statue, and drape it with Christmas Lights instead.

Beautiful Gate- Use the house gate to your advantage. Just because your property is gated, does not mean that your neighbors will not be able to see the design that you have created. In fact, you can also put Christmas Lights on the gate itself. This concept is popular in many countries so try it out yourself. Doing this will attract neighbors to your house too.

Your neighbors had fun decorating their house last year. Do not feel left out this year by doing your best, and following the advice given. Christmas only comes once in a year so make the most out of it by impressing not only your neighbors, but your family too.

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