Professional Growth–Because Everyday Is A New Beginning

by - Thursday, October 10, 2013

They say – everyday is a new beginning.  I totally agree.  As days pass by, I come to realize that I can be whoever I want to be.  From pharmacist to being a chef and honestly, I am thinking of shifting to another profession.  What’s next for me?  Become a veterinarian? A policewoman?  Get an associate’s degree in nursing?  In a country where education comes for free, the possibilities are definitely unlimited.

Speaking of getting a degree in nursing, a friend of mine who is a nurse practitioner with an associate’s degree since 2000 is now pondering on taking that adn to msn online education anytime soon.  He’s 34 but even age can’t stop him from working on his professional growth.  Who knows?  In two to three years’ time, he’ll probably be living his dreams of working abroad [note:  he’s from the Philippines].

Another friend of mine [she’s living in Sweden, too!  Same town as mine *wink*], 32 and a mother of a 2-year old cute boy, has just started her first internship week as a caregiver.  According to her, she’s looking forward to upgrading her skills and profession and will start attending online nursing classes sometime next year.

As for me, I still haven’t made up my mind on what step to take next but I’ll leave that to next year.  For now, I’m enjoying life in the big kitchen.  And because I’ll be cooking for almost 200 people for tomorrow’s lunch buffet, I need to hit the sack early.

How about you?  Any plans on your professional growth?  What’s next for you?

Ciao for now!  Have a lovely Friday everyone!

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