Quick Fixes For Bad Hair Days

by - Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Nobody can avoid the occasional bad hair day. Perhaps you woke up late, skipped one too many shampoos, rain caught you off guard, or your hair just won’t cooperate. Below you will find quick fixes for your bad hair days that will save you time, money and prevent a day of hair fears.

Problem: Uncontrollable Hair

Fix: The topknot is a quick easy style can take your unruly hair and turn it into an elegant hairstyle within moments. A topknot with a headband adds extra style and goes perfectly with any outfit.

Problem: Extreme Frizz

Fix: Silicone serums will usually help tame your frizzy mane. Just coat each strand, brush through, and let naturally dry or blow dry. If the frizz has come on and you don’t have any silicone serum lying around you can rub a tiny bit of lotion between your hands and apply the lotion to the ends of your hair. Don’t use too much you will end up with a whole new bad hair problem. If you have frizz that won’t tame, brush it out and wear your natural mane with pride there are many examples of natural looking curly hairstyles that can look great with the help of serum.

Problem: Rain Soaked Hair

Fix: A braid is your rainy heads best friend. Braids are generally easier to style when they are wet, they keep the soaked strands off your face, and let your hair dry with a natural wave.

Problem: Flat Roots

Fix: The easiest fix is a beautiful side part, which will instantly add more volume. Dry shampoo or baby powder can also save your flat hair. Simply rub it in at the roots, flip your hair over, brush out and your flat hair will be fab in less than thirty-seconds.  Another quick fix is the powerful tease. Tease the hair at your crown by taking individual small sections and only tease the roots.

Problem: Product Overdose

Fix: If you used too much cream or oil based products just sprinkle some dry shampoo or baby powder over your hair. If you  used too much hairspray or gel and now your hair is sticky, spray some water in your hair to dilute the product, blow dry if necessary. The easiest fix to this problem is to tie your hair back until you can shampoo.

Problem: No Time for a Shampoo

Fix: Dry Shampoo and baby powder are the perfect fixes for when you wake up late or you’re simply too lazy to wash your hair. They can quickly revitalize your oily and lifeless hair and buy you one or two more days before having to shampoo.

Problem: Unruly Curls

Fix: Don’t be afraid of water. Damp your curls at the ends and then add some leave in conditioner or a curl enhancing cream, and give your curls a twirl with the finger. [Don’t touch too much because that will increase frizz.] Once they have dried, add some silicone serum to tame frizz.

When in doubt and nothing seems to be helping your bad hair day, the best solution is just to cover up and put on a hat. Whether you choose to wear a beanie, ball cap, fedora, or a turban, nobody will care what you hair looks like. They will be too focused on your fashionable and bold new look.

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