Revamp Your Wardrobe With Cute Winter Sweatshirts

by - Tuesday, October 29, 2013

That chill in the air can only mean one thing – it’s time to tuck away your summer threads and dig out your winter duds from the back of the closet! Or, if you’re feeling like giving yourself a little treat to mark the turning of the seasons, a bit of a naughty shopping splurge to overhaul your look in time for a new set of winter trends.

Couture Hits the Streets

We’ve all seen the latest set of glossy photos to come off the AW13 catwalks in London, Paris, New York and Milan, and thankfully it hasn’t taken long for the high street stores to get inspired and start producing couture inspired pieces of their own – at a much more affordable price! And the one thing that’s really stood out this time around is that there hasn’t been much scrimping on the layers of warm, luxurious material. Breathe a sigh of relief ladies – this winter it’s all about covering up.

Make Your Sweatshirt Style Statement

Of course, it’s no use covering up in just any old thing. To make a style statement you’ve simply got to include the ‘statement’ part of an outfit or the whole thing will just fall apart. What are you trying to say with your winter look? Is it Parisian chic or Canadian quirk? Do you like to play in the snow or pose near some snowflakes? Never mind – whatever your winter style, there’s one item which is currently in style that’s sure to suit the sartorial sensibilities of any savvy snow maiden. And that item is – the sweatshirt!

Hot Fashion for a Cold Season

That’s right, the sweatshirt is officially back in. And whilst it’s predominantly been the hipsters who’ve been sporting sweaters and sweatshirt-like items for the past few months, it seems as though the elite fashion crowd have now also caught the sweatshirt bug. Wonderfully versatile and simply perfect for keeping out that cold wintery air, sweatshirts are this seasons must have item. Visit Ebrookes for plain Fruit of the Loom sweatshirts in a variety of colours, or browse your local charity shop for a patterned sweatshirt that would make your granny proud. However you choose to wear it, take inspiration from the catwalks and make good use of accessories, and you’re sure to be wearing your sweatshirt with pride. And for an added hint of glam, why not go for a sweatshirt in this season’s hottest colour – pink! A hot colour for a cold day; nothing could be more perfect.

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