The Land Of The Algarve

by - Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One the southern coast of Portugal is the hidden treasure of the Algarve where your family can experience nature, spend time at the beach, spend a day at the spa or eat amazing local cuisine. No matter your desire, there is more to do in the Algarve that you ever thought possible. Bring your family and book the holiday of your dreams at Direct Line Holidays.

Caldas de Monchique

Anyone with children needs to relax on their holiday so why not visit the best place in the Algarve to wash away your stresses and rejuvenate your body and soul. In Serra you will find the city of spas. Caldas de Monchique is a historically recognized spa dating back to the Roman times that was full restored in its glory in 2000. The transformation opened the doors to tourist and visitors from all over the world. At the foot of the village is the modern thermal spa that includes water massage, jet showers, and a steam room. When you are full relaxed you can book a room at the accompanying hotel. You could make this a wonderful mom and daughter day.

Local Cuisine

The foodie in all of us wants to taste the flavors of a new and exotic land. While exploring the beaches and rolling hills of the Algarve you will find the fields filled with fragrant fig, almond, and olive trees. The area is known for fish soups, fresh fish and seafood; tuna fish cooked in onions, and desserts of fig, almond and egg sweets. There is a large assortment of fish and seafood while also offering a range of game and meat dishes. The flavor profile includes dishes with pepper, coriander, ginger, curry, saffron, and paprika. There are a wide variety of food options for the new foodie to the expert. Take your time to taste, experience, and explore all the flavors of the unique Portugal city.

Cave and Dolphin Watching Cruise

For the animal lover in your group you will want to explore the Caves and Dolphin Watching Cruise at the marina of Albufeira. The first part of your journey will travel along the coastline exploring the spectacular rock formations. Before heading out to deeper waters where you will view the dolphins, you will stop for a swim in the crystal clear waters. You can also take this time to visit the local grottos or relax on the deck. After a short break, you will return to the boat for the search of dolphins. Keep your open and cameras ready as playful pods of the common dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin breach the surface and gather near to accompany your journey.


The capital city of Faro stands out amongst the idyllic beaches and the breathtaking Rio Formosa nature reserve. The ruins of the Roman times outline the city from when the city was known as Ossonoba. Most visitors to the Algarve do not take the time to explore Faro, but you should slow down and take in the sights, cuisine, and shopping. From the Cidade Velha, you can take a boat ride through the Ria Formosa that will troll you through the calm waters between the marshy outcrops while you bird watch and see the city from the seaward side. Some may enjoy the pedestrian shopping found at the Manuel Bivar gardens. You will find a web of various shops, restaurants, and cafes through the cobbled squares in this district.

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