Wedding Planning: The Basics People Overlook.

by - Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wedding plans should revolve around wedding venues. This, though, does not mean that it is the first thing that you should establish. Before anything else, you should establish the budget and the number of guests that you and your “better half” will be expecting. These two factors alone will make you rule out a number of possible wedding venues. Some of the venues that will need to be eliminated will be those that are too expensive and those that are either too small or disproportionately big for your wedding.

Once you have a small list of possible wedding venues, you can now come to the nitty-gritty that will make a huge difference.

First and foremost, consider the distance between the reception and wedding ceremony venues. In most cases, this will be two different places as many people prefer to have their wedding in church or something like that. If the distance between the two venues is expansive, then it means you may have to think again. Ordinarily, ideal distances from the reception and the ceremony venues should not be more than 25-30 minutes drive. The means of transport and the state of traffic in your area; though, may allow you to choose venues that are far apart.

Secondly, consider the chosen wedding venue’s décor. Does it match with the colors you have settled for or does it require you to spend a fortune on decorations and flowers? Sometimes a venue may require a lot of decorations but it may be worth choosing if it has added advantages. If, however, you feel that certain wedding venues will require more for decoration than you cannot afford, then shop elsewhere.

Thirdly, consider whether or not the chosen venue offers inside catering services, such as prested.co.uk/weddings. Some venues may have magnificent outlooks but their foods may be quite opposite. Because you do not want to be embarrassed on the magical day, enquire about this. Also taste the food and decide whether you like it or not.

Fourth, enquire whether or not your hosts have enough coat check and washroom facilities for your guests. This may be overlooked at times but, believe it or not, it really matters. It is also important to enquire whether your host has hosted similar weddings before. In the same vein, ask about the parking space. Ask whether there is enough for your motorcade and the cars of your guests. Also ask how safe the cars will be in the parking lot.

Fifth, now consider another crucial factor: payments. Most wedding venues will ask for deposits while others will allow you to pay after the event. It is imperative, nonetheless, to ask how and when the payment needs to be made. Do not forget to ask whether there are any hidden charges. Go further and ask whether there is anything like overtime charges.

You may also ask whether your host has enough chairs and what type of chairs or seats they are. Further still, you may ask whether the host holds a liquor license.

Above all, ask yourselves [as the bride and the groom] whether or not the venue you have settled for is what you have always imagined. You do not have to compromise too much to an extent of ending up with something that you have never thought of. Always remember that the key to choosing ideal wedding venues is planning early. If you can do this, you will have enough time to compare and contrast a longer list of venues. Plan early and you will enjoy the benefits.

Jason manages the events that take place at Prested Hall, Essexs' leading and premier wedding venue.

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