Contemporary Kitchen Designs

by - Wednesday, November 06, 2013

If you are thinking about getting your kitchen redesigned and want to upgrade the look to something more modern and contemporary then consider these are possibilities for your new look kitchen:


If you are a fan of interesting kitchen designs then choose finishes which contrast with each other. Mix different colours together, and be bold in your choices. Think complementary but push the boundaries and put colours together which almost don't work such as blues and greens.


Islands are a very modern kitchen feature and one that makes it way on to many dream kitchen wishlists! Be unique and opt for a curved island if you want it to stand out or simply choose an oversized one for the kitchen you have. Remember that islands are not just attractive but they can also be practical too. Consider what you would use one for and pick accessories and features accordingly, they can be great at providing extra storage space in open plan kitchens or providing more work tops for use when cooking.


Don't be afraid to pick a bright colour for your kitchen, and have it everywhere including the kitchen cabinets! Statement kitchens are now more popular than ever so if you are going to be daring then really go for it. You will find rich violet, ruby red and many more bold and beautiful colours available for purchase.


Show off your kitchen's best asset by making a feature out of it. Whether this is a wall that you paint a contrasting colour to create an accent wall or a huge retro fridge that you want to be noticed. Whatever it is, give it centre stage and tone down the remainder of the kitchen to ensure that it is shown off in it's best light and so the eye is drawn to it when entering the kitchen. People can really get away with putting anything in their kitchens nowadays from plasma TV's to fish tanks!


If you want to create a kitchen space which is uber-modern then consider an all steel look or pick gloss units which will reflect the light and make your kitchen shine. Steel is surprisingly inexpensive but can make your kitchen look sleek and stylish whilst gloss units will bring your kitchen an edge of drama.

Be Practical

It might sound silly but with all the different storage options out there and unique kitchen designs it can be easy to get swept away. At the end of the day you need a kitchen which is functional and works to the level you need it to. Only buy things that you need and don't fill your kitchen with appliances which will never get used and are just for show. A clean, clutter-free kitchen will make much more of an impression than a kitchen which is overflowing with unnecessary items. Also consider how easy your purchases will be to clean. The idea of a steel kitchen might fill you with joy but after a few months of hard graft, will it still look as good? Sometimes it is a good idea to call in the professionals for a second opinion. Oliver Peake has been making bespoke kitchens for many years, and has a vast base of experience from which to draw inspiration for any kitchen space.

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