Fun Fall Ideas For Clip-In Hair Extensions

by - Thursday, November 07, 2013

When fall arrives, many people like to reinvent themselves by changing out their outfits and hairstyles for something new and fresh. Just like the changing of the seasons from hot and sweltering to crisp and clean, it can be fun to experiment with different looks and come out feeling like a whole new person. One especially fun way to jazz up a new look without going for something drastic and permanent is to use hair extensions. These can look as realistic or outrageous as you want them to, and the best part is that you can take them out again when you're ready to try something else.

Here are a few fun ways you can rock a new look this fall with clip-in hair extensions:

Get movie star hair

Today's hottest television and music stars are having just as much fun with their hairstyles as you like to have. Their own stylists are adding to the thickness and length of their hair with either permanent or temporary extensions. The good news is, you can have supermodel hair just like the stars, and it's so easy you don't have to go to a stylist to do it! Many of the most popular synthetic hair products, such as Christie Brinkley hair extensions, are designed to easily clip into your real hair and seamlessly blend in so the attachments can't even be seen.

Show your team spirit at sporting events

Fall means football! And for millions of football fans, the big game day just isn't complete without showing off some team spirit. Hair extensions come in a variety of colors and styles, making it possible to rock your favorite team colors in a cute hairstyle. Whether you're a cheerleader for your school team, or tailgating at a college football party, extensions in colors that show off your team pride are a must this season.

Change up your fall fashion

This year's autumn fashion choices include layered styles with sleek sweaters and leather jackets. A multi-layered hairstyle looks great with this look, cascading warmly over shoulders or piled into a cute messy bun over a thick sweater. Bring a little color and brightness to those gray rainy days by clipping in a few extensions in lighter colors.

Combat fall frizz

The dry, cold air of the fall means hair havoc for many people. Styling products can only go so far to get rid of static flyaways and frizz. With a variety of extensions, you can add body and sleekness to your hairdo without having to cram it all up into a hat on a bad hair day. Today's extensions are super manageable, and are made with either real or synthetic hair. One advantage to synthetic extensions is that the hair isn't as affected by fall weather as real hair; however, even extensions made from genuine hair have been specially treated to behave in the worst weather.

Clip-in hair extensions are affordable, versatile, manageable and fun. Pick up a few packages today, and find out what looks you can create throughout the fall just by adding a little bit of length and thickness.

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