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by - Monday, November 25, 2013

For people who wear eyeglasses, choosing the right frame can be quite difficult. It’s all about personal style and what works best with your natural attributes. Fortunately, when seeking out glasses for women, you’ll be pleased to note there are numerous styles suited to a variety of faces and tastes.

While glasses are first and foremost a practical requirement, they also showcase your own individual style. Like shopping for any other accessory, you want to pick something that is uniquely ‘you’. After all, your glasses are sure to be a daily part of your life and wardrobe, so it makes sense that you would want something ultra-fabulous.
When shopping for glasses, there are a few things to consider. Everything from face shape to skin tone can come into play. It’s best to prepared for your purchase with at least an idea in mind. Many shoppers can get overwhelmed by the number of frames to choose from.

Frames to Suit Your Face

Frames come in a massive variety of shapes and colors. On one hand this is positive, as all customers are sure to find a pair of glasses suited to their individual tastes.

However, it can be daunting when faced with so many choices. Some knowledge of the basics can be helpful when shopping for glasses, either in store or on line.

Big, expressive eyes can get away with thicker frames. However, those with smaller set eyes may want to tend towards more delicate frames. These will not overwhelm your face; instead they will allow your natural attributes to be the main focus.

Color can also be a factor. Those with lighter eyes may want to seek a complementary color of frames. Much like eye makeup, the right color of frames can really make one’s eyes ‘pop’, especially when complimenting your natural eye color.

Face Shape is Key

While every face is different, there are generally seven common face shapes. They are as follows:
  • Oval – Characterized by wide set cheekbones, with a more narrow jaw line.
  • Square – Angular, with well-defined lines around the jaw and forehead. 
  • Round – A wider, softer look, without the well-defined angles that characterize the square-shaped face.
  • Triangular – Features a narrow forehead that becomes increasingly wider towards the jaw.
  • Heart-Shaped – The opposite of the triangular shape, i.e. a wider forehead with a more narrow jaw line. Can include angular or rounded features.
  • Oblong – With similar qualities to the square-shaped face, the oblong is a bit longer, featuring a lack of definition at the cheekbones.
  • Diamond – Features high and defined cheekbones, with a narrower forehead and jaw.
Determining your face shape requires a bit of work. The best place to start is in front of a mirror in an area of your home with optimum lighting. From there you can study your face to determine what category best suits the natural shape. Consult internet how-tos for a more detailed study, or simply ask your optician for their input. Some frames will look better on certain types of face shapes, and it’s important to be at least minimally aware of what you are working with.

Glasses for Day and Night

You may want to consider getting two pairs of glasses, one for day and one for evening. Your every day glasses can be more casual and quirky – something with a larger frame, perhaps plastic, or one the great recent trends featuring bold colors and patterns.

However, glasses like this may not work for more upscale occasions. You may want something more subtle, something that allows the natural beauty of your face shine through.

Glasses needn’t be a strictly practical accessory. While comfort and fit is paramount, it’s equally important that you are pleased with the look of your glasses. By taking care to choose the right frame, you will be satisfied by both your improved sight, as well as your fierce style. 

Article from of Zenni Optical. Get more glasses fashion tips and technology updates on blog.zennioptical.com or follow Follow Zenni on Twitter @zennioptical.

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