My First Pair Of Reebok Easytone In Purple

by - Thursday, November 28, 2013

Reebok: Easytone --- was added to my shopping wish list since the very day it was released in the market.  Because the original price was a bit too much for me, I decided to wait awhile.  Time flies.  Working full time plus a little extra on the side, I forgot about the shoes and everything on the list.

November 11 --- When my eight-hour night shift ended, I hurried back home.  I was all stressed and tired.  To add a smile on my face, my boyfriend fixed me a cup of hot coffee and handed me a bowl of red apples in bits.  To make my night even better, he whispered a surprise.  While I was away, he got me a pair of Reebok Easytone in purple.  Yey!  [Yeah.  I’m that lucky!]

Because it’s freezing cold outside and winter’s fast approaching, I still haven’t worn them outside.  I have tried it within the walls of our apartment.  Ten minutes max and not a minute more.

That being said, I will not be creating a full review just yet.  However, within those first minutes of trying the pair on, I can say that Reebok Easytone’s comfortable and my feet seem to love them.  I am so happy Bebe has gotten these for me!

By the way, I normally get a size 37 but this one’s a 1/2 size bigger [it’s at 37.5] which is simply perfect!

The price?  Well, he got it on sale.  A huge one at 75% off the regular price.  Awesome!

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