Plus Size Perfection: Vintage Clothing Made For Your Curves And Ways To Wear It

by - Friday, November 15, 2013

‘Thrifting’ as it’s known in the biz is the act of traipsing around about a million second-hand stores in the hope of finding that perfect piece of vintage clothing that will make it all worthwhile. Most women return home with nothing except blisters to show for their efforts, because as it turns out, vintage clothing is not all that easy to find. Add to the equation the fact that the clothing has to be plus sized, and you’ve almost got yourself an exercise in futility. Plus size vintage clothing is the Holy Grail for curvy ladies, and one of the last remaining genres that plus size fashion has yet to venture into. To be truly considered vintage, an item of clothing must have come from pre-1990s era, but many retailers are bringing out new collections inspired by vintage pieces. This is great news for curvy girls who don’t mind faking it, but for those who want to own their very own piece of the past, read on for the best tips on uncovering a plus size vintage item.

Cover All Bases

Whilst you should not give up on thrifting altogether, you may need to broaden your horizons in order to up the chances of uncovering a hidden gem. Check out yard sales, flea markets, house clearances, and pretty much every other venue that sells second hand gear, and rummaging through your grandparents attic may turn up something worthwhile.

Is It Really Vintage?

You will need to develop a sixth sense for determining whether or not an item is truly vintage, especially when it comes to online shopping. The word ‘vintage’ seems to have replaced the word ‘used’ on sites such as eBay, so brush up on your textile knowledge in order to avoid being fooled. A clever way to know if a garment is really from another era is to check the RN number on the label. To calculate the age of the piece, subtract the RN number from a new garment from the number on the vintage piece. Then divide the answer by 2635 [which is the amount of RN numbers issued per year] and voila! You have the approximate age of your vintage piece.

How to Wear Your New Garment

Once you have found a few vintage pieces [and don’t worry, you will eventually find some] you will need to figure out how to wear them. Pre-1990s plus size clothing was not big on tailoring, as large people pretty much rocked around in muumuus back then, so don’t discard an item that could be transformed with a little help from a good dressmaker. Try wearing a vintage 1950s crushed velvet opera coat over a stunning black evening gown from www.navabi.us for some instant old-world glamour, or keep it on trend in a vintage rockabilly swing dress.

However you choose to wear your vintage wardrobe, be sure to turn up the style factor and include an eye-catching accessory or two to set the outfit off. True vintage style requires a certain type of attitude in order to really do it justice, so make like Betty Page and show the world how sexy you can be in a stunning vintage frock that emphasises each and every curve.

Carol Wright is an experienced fashion enthusiast. She is thrilled to help other women create affordable and stylish wardrobes.

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