4 Reasons Why You Need A Life Coach

by - Monday, December 09, 2013

Life coaching is increasingly gaining popularity, reportedly there are in excess of a hundred thousand practicing life coaches currently operating in Britain. But it is important to do your research before employing a life coach, not all life coaches can be trusted – it is still largely unregulated despite the evolution into a million pound industry. However, don’t let the regulation issues deter you from receiving the help of a life coach - they can be extremely helpful in unlocking the attributes needed for a better life. But why exactly would you need a life coach?


Everyone wants to improve in some aspect of their lives, whether it be personal or professional improvement. I for one would love to overcome my shyness, which at times can feel like a skyscraper-sized hurdle bearing down upon me. Others may be looking for that extra something to get that promotion at work you desperately want. The use of a life coach can give you the guidance and advice needed to set you on the road of self-improvement, overcoming those hurdles in your life and creating an all-round better you.

Setting and achieving goals

Have you ever set yourself a goal which has never been accomplished? You are completely determined when you set out, but after a while the goal just withers away, dying out without even as much as a second glance. Life coaching can help you set realistic aims in your life – and provide enough guidance so you actually achieve them. The addition of a life coach will make those dreams attainable, and not something you fantasise about.

Gain an edge

A life coach is not needed in your life, but everyone can reap the benefits of an effective coach who pushes you on to the next level.  A life coach can help you gain an edge, something which will help you exude confidence, strength and new levels of empowerment. The use of NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming] techniques can be especially helpful, a life coach such as Tony Wrighton uses these devices through a weekly online ‘retreat’ called the ‘Success Sanctuary’ which attempts to unleash the confidence lurking inside. Gaining an edge in your life can have extremely positive influences for both your personal and professional lives.

Get yourself back on track

Getting your life back on track after a bad experience can be an enormously difficult process, picking up the pieces after being made redundant or a bad break-up feels like an impossible mountain to climb. This is where a life coach can be helpful in your life, they are trained to improve self-motivation and give you the building blocks to get your life back on track.

Confidence. Motivation. Positivity. These are qualities which lay dormant in most people, but a life coach is the key which can unlock them. I have listed only a few of the many benefits a life coach can have in your life, now it's up to you to explore a new realm of possibilities and push you on to that next step.

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