Five Creative Ways To Tie A Scarf

by - Thursday, December 05, 2013

Scarves are ideal for both men and women, and they can be used to dress up casual clothes just as much as fancier office attire. What’s more, even a simple scarf can be worn countless different ways, so you’re sure to be able to find a style that goes with every outfit and is ideal for every situation. Scarves are essential fashion accessories for fall and winter. Whether your favorite is a knit, wool, or silk scarf, use these creative ways to tie a scarf keep wearing it exciting.

The Infinity Scarf

Turn your long straight scarf into a circular scarf with just a few safety pins. Pin the ends of the scarf together to form an unbroken loop. Place the scarf around your head, give the dangling end a half twist, then loop it back over your neck.  The end result is a scarf with two tiers that can be adjusted as you see fit.

The Four-in-Hand

Named after the classic method for tying a men’s tie, this scarf knot works best with a lightweight scarf that has plenty of length. Begin by folding the scarf in half and passing it around the back of your neck. There should be a closed loop on one side of your neck and two loose ends on the other. Pull one of the ends through the loop, then give the loop a half twist. Pull the other end through the loop below the twist, then pull gently so the loop fits under your chin and lies flat against your chest.

The Neck Knot

The knot fits closely around the neck and doesn’t leave a lot of dangling fabric. It works best with wide, fluffy scarves that cover a lot of area.  To get this look, loop the scarf around your neck twice, pulling it so that it fits closely against the skin but isn’t too tight or uncomfortable. Give the loose ends a couple of twists to bring them to narrow points, and then tie them in a small knot on the side of your neck. Fluff the scarf to your tastes.

The Muffler

This knot is easiest with a square scarf, but it can also be made by folding a thick rectangular scarf in half before you begin. Hold the scarf out in front of you and fold one of the upper corners to the center of the opposite side so that you have what looks like a triangle layered over a square. Wrap two corners of the scarf around the back of your neck so one point of the triangle hangs down in front over your chest. Tie the scarf in back, and adjust.

The Rosette Knot

This cute look is best achieved with a thin, lightweight scarf made out of silk or another workable material.  To get it, begin by place the scarf around your neck with the two ends hanging down in front. Bring the ends together slightly to one side of your neck and twist them into a corkscrew. When the corkscrew is taut, carefully begin to wrap it around itself into a bun that is pressed up against one side of your neck. Pass the loose ends through the center of the bun to secure the knot.

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