Four Things Men Need To Consider Before Suit Shopping

by - Saturday, December 14, 2013

Owning a good suit is one of those staples of adulthood and something that every man should include in their 'grown up' repertoire. A good suit is going to ensure that you have the right apparel for a formal event, that you're going to make the right impression at a job interview and that you're going to be left feeling confident when you wear it.

What are some of the things that you should consider when you're shopping for a suit or suit rentals?

Not All Suits are Good Suits

There are good suits, and there are bad suits. Good suits are created to your body or tailored off the rack to ensure the perfect fit. These suits are going to be flattering to your body type, fit well, and make the best impression. Don't get me wrong, there are some good suits that can be purchased off the rack but ninety percent of men are going to have to visit a tailor to make minor changes to the suit. These small changes with nips and tucks can completely change the fit of the suit, melding it to your body. There are very few men who can purchase a suit off the rack and have it ready to wear.

Fabric Counts -- and So Does Color

Look for fabrics that are going to be durable, that are going to wear well and that are going to hang well on the body. While you are trying on the suit you need to choose the right color. Choose classic colors like blue, black and grey when you are shopping for formal suit rentals and options that can be traded with other pieces in the wardrobe to create a new look.

Try it On

It is impossible to purchase a good suit without first trying it on. While you are in the store shopping for a suit, try on a few options in the store, in varying colors and sizes.

Help is available in store to help with things like sizing and choosing the right style of suit for your needs, even shopping for a suit that is going to be versatile for all types of events and functions the suit is going to be worn to.

Go Trendy Rather than Classic

There are two types of styles that you can choose from when shopping for clothes. The first style is considered to be trendy, or hot, right now. Since a suit is an investment piece that is likely going to be worn through multiple seasons -- or even multiple years, you're going to want to choose a classic design that's going to be easily worn throughout each of these seasons and years. Choose a style of suit that is going to be classic in the terms of the color and the design.

To increase the trend factor of the suit you can choose from accessories like shoes, ties and pocket squares that are on-trend with the colors, patterns and style of the season. This way, the classic design  of the suit is going to be complimented with the accessories while maintaining its classic style.

Article written by Josh Furber

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