How To Escape Winter Blues With A Relaxing Bathroom - Top Tips

by - Monday, December 23, 2013

When the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, there tends to be two places where we snuggle up; in front of the TV with a blanket and in bed with a hot water bottle.

Use your imagination!

The point of fighting the winter blues is to make your entire home as comfortable as possible rather than reducing it to two spots from which we take refuge from the cold.

For example, think of your bathroom. How much time do you spend in there each day? Possibly more than you’d like when the cold sets in, but this is the ideal winter sanctuary so make the most of it.

Tub or shower

A bathtub is great for relaxing in – but then you have to get out of it and freeze! On the other hand, a shower is just as warming and easier to extract yourself from when it’s particularly chilly. Just hop out, give yourself a rub and put your pyjamas on.
The question is which shower works best? There are so many types on the market. A Mira Shower mixer shower is not only nice and warming, it is also efficient.

As its name suggests, it takes water from both hot and cold water supplies and mixes them to the achieve temperature you desire.

Cosy environment

There are many other ways you can turn your bathroom into a winter sanctuary.

Give the walls a new lick of paint in warming colours and invest in thick-weave, dark-coloured towels.

If your bathroom is not carpeted, put down a bright rug with an anti-slip backing so that it doesn’t slide and place a few candles here and there to create an overall atmosphere of heat.

Scented paradise

Another way of making your bathroom a winter refuge is to find simple ways of making it more pleasant to be in.
Scent is a huge factor when creating an environment. Remember those candles? Why not buy the scented variety or get hold of an essential oil you like to dab around the edges of the room. Lavender is very relaxing before you go to bed.

Go with the experts

There is no point in skimping when it comes to bathroom fixtures and fittings. For the best advice you can get on mixer showers, a company like Mira Showers will be able to offer bespoke advice.

Mira has been in the bathroom business for nearly a century so knows all there is to know.


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