When To See An Orthodontist And How To Find One

by - Thursday, December 05, 2013

For some people it isn’t an issue at all having crooked teeth but for others they feel very self conscious about it and even hesitate to smile when they’re happy and laughing because they worry about the appearance of their smile and what others will think about it. When you’re at the point in life where you hesitate to smile openly and laugh freely because you’re self conscious about your smile and teeth, that’s a good indication that it’s probably a good idea to visit an orthodontist. You shouldn’t spend your days hesitant to showcase some of life’s best emotions due to insecurity when it’s something that can be easily fixed with a little attention from a skilled orthodontist.

Health issues are also a concern for many who have teeth and gum issues that need to be attended to. According to Kansas City orthodontist Dr. Zach Williams, crowded teeth can aid gum disease which can in turn affect heart health and other systemic health issues throughout the body. It’s not as though a visit to an orthodontist is just something that pre-teens and teenagers or young adults do either. Plenty of adults who are looking to improve their smile and the overall health of their teeth and gums can benefit from an orthodontic visit, which doesn’t have to be a stressful or uncomfortable experience.

What to Look For in an Orthodontist

Knowing what to look for in an orthodontist can be a little trickier than realizing you could probably benefit from visiting one. You want to find someone you feel comfortable with and can trust and who you’re able to see again and again over the course of any procedure you might need.

Research - You might first want to look up the orthodontist you’re considering online and see what kind of reviews you can find. Search for an orthodontist in or near your city and compare reviews and see what other patients had to say about their experiences.

Visit - Take the time to visit the offices in person and meet the staff. You might think that it only matters how you feel about the actual orthodontist, but keep in mind that you’ll be interacting with the staff just as often, if not more often, than the actual orthodontist. Look for a friendly and helpful staff and notice how they’re treating other patients who call for scheduling or who are in the waiting room. Look around the office as well and take note of the cleanliness and organization. Not only do you want to be treated as a welcome patient and as an individual, but you want to be treated in a welcoming, clean and well maintained environment.

Ask Questions - Ask your orthodontist any questions you might have during an initial consultation. If you’re considering braces you may want to ask about how long he or she recommends you wear them for and what kind of styles and techniques are available to you. Ask about pricing options as well so you can plan ahead and determine what you can afford. If you’re nervous about any procedure, talk to your orthodontist about it so you can get some reassurance and insight ahead of time.

Dr. Zach Williams is a Board Certified orthodontist with three offices in the greater Kansas City, MO area. Visit http://www.osborneorthodontics.com for more information.

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