The Best Hair Color Combinations For 2014

by - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It’s a New Year and the opportunity for a new look. A lot of us make New Year’s resolutions but a year can be a long time to wait for results. The best way to get a quick fresh change for the New Year is to simply try a new hair color. The right hair color can give us confidence and inspiration and 2014 may involve about lightening up dark locks and blending colors to create natural and gorgeous hair combinations. Here are some color options to consider:

Strawberry and Blonde

An attractive hair color combination for 2014 is strawberry blonde. Both blonde and red is having their moments right now and this perfectly blended combination of the two is a soft and subtle yet bold hair color. If you are considering changing your color there are many different strawberry blonde color options and it’s essential you consider your skin tone when choosing the right shade.

Although red hair is generally accompanied with very fair skin and freckles, the blonde color opens the doors for lots of women to look amazing with strawberry blonde hair. Strawberry blonde is the warmest shade of red therefore if you have a warmer skin tone; fair skin then strawberry blonde is a great option. Also your stylist should use blonde or red highlights that compliment your skins undertones. 

Coloring my hair for the first time ever, the change from black to red I must say was a really brave move.
… embracing change with both arms …  Next move?  Fix me-self a color combo! *wink*

Honey Bronde

This gorgeous combination of warm honey blonde and light brown is one of the hottest hair combinations for 2014. Golden tones are on trend this year this is a timeless and versatile shade of golden blonde with darker undertones. Going bronde is a bold and bright transformation for a new year but you want your shade of bronde to compliment your skin tone but bronde can compliment both warm and cool skin tones. 

Blonde has always been reserved for women with cool undertones but the honey and golden shades to this honey bronde color really compliment warmer skin tones. If you have cooler skin tones but want to achieve this trendy bronde color then golden lowlights is a better choice than honey bronde.

Light Golden Brown

Also known as ‘brown sugar’ celebs like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé showed off this trendy hair color in 2013 and going into 2014 it’s still a hot and desirable hair color combination. Again this hair color is often used to lighten up darker hair but it is best for women with warm skin tones and naturally darker skin. It’s up to you just how light you go, it can be minimal for a low-maintenance and natural hair color but however blonde you want to go, it’s important that it looks natural so ask your stylist to blend the hand paint the highlights for a blended look. 

Brown with Caramel highlights

This hair color combination looks amazing on just about every natural brunette. This is a great way to grow out your ombre or dip-dye hair color from 2013 for a natural and blended new hair color.

The golden undertone of caramel creates a soft and natural look while the subtle highlights throughout the rich brown hair creates the illusion of dimension. This hair color is best for those women with warm skin tones who often have green or hazel eyes because the color will make your eyes pop and really bring out the softness of your skin tones.

Red and Violet

Finally, it’s not all about blondes and brunettes in 2014. Red has been fiery hot recently and it shows no signs of taming it’s flames. This hair color is not characterized by bright copper colors like natural red heads but it has deep dark red primary color with purple undertones.

As red is a warm hair color is looks great with warm undertones but if you have cool skin tones and want to wear red then your stylist should be able to blend a fiery red hair color with undertones that match your skin. Red hair color does fade faster than others so it’s important that you consider touch-ups when opting for a fiery red color and there are other techniques that can help to keep the color from fading.

When choosing the right hair color for your new look in 2014, remember to compliment your natural skin tones, your eye color, and your natural hair color. Your hair is often part of a first impression and can really improve your self-confidence. The New Year is time for a new beginning and a simple change like your hair color can be a powerful change that offers motivation as you conquer 2014 and make it your year.

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