One Good Wedding Photograph – One Chicken Soup For The Soul

by - Thursday, February 20, 2014

You can find taste and savor not only in food, I see it mostly in art. Wedding photography is the art of today’s love and it is truly full of different savors and fragrances. I found the delicious love in the San Francisco wedding photography. It is not only the city, the hills or the bridge that makes it all look yummy. It is the wedding and the meaning of this event that also creates such amazing art works like photographs.

Lindsey + Josh Wedding

A wedding is always filled with the juice of love, friendship and beauty, but I always wonder how photographers resist taking pictures of the delicious appetizers, cupcakes and lobsters without touching and eating them. This is the event that has just too much of everything and it is all incredibly tasty. A wedding photograph is capable of making you crave for something. It may be a little emotion, commitment or just food and clothes what you wish for, when looking at such a picture. Everything looks perfect, the dress is super clean, the make up is extra fancy, the suit has the ideal blue color and the cake has the right proportion of chocolate. All of this has to be photographed, otherwise how would you remember it all just like it was, when you will be 67 years old.

Kristal + Brandon Wedding

I find wedding photographs, delicious, because they are beautiful, they are portraying a sacred event and there is a high point of emotions involved. After the wedding not only the bride would love to look at all the photographs, basically that is also what all the bridesmaids and mothers want to do. The wedding pictures have a taste for them all. They feel this tiny pleasure down their belly if they find a good image with them or they can feel a little disappointment in seeing something they don’t like.

Tammy  + Andrew Engagement

For a couple, having an extraordinary wedding photograph is like having an eternal delicious thing for their souls. One good picture of them, taken in one of the most crucial moments of their lives is an eternal chicken soup for their souls. You get to look at such a photograph and you get to remember the best time of your life, you get all the good memories back. Seeing the beautiful love moment of you and your spouse makes you feel the flagrance of your young passion, instantly.

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