Home Fashion: Understanding The Value Of Grommet Curtains

by - Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Grommet curtains are ubiquitous window treatment. They adorn condominiums, apartments and homes adding elegance and style to the rooms. Grommet curtain panels are called by its moniker grommet describing the eyelet on top of it. The eyelet can either be made of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel or metal depending on the manufacturer’s choice.

Of course, you can sew your own grommet drapes by reading DIY tips online or from magazines. But would you dare to create your curtains when you can buy cheap grommet curtains from online shops? You can have as many designs as you wish for your windows whether they are sliding doors, bay windows or French windows. The color ranges from shades of white, red, yellow, green or blue to tertiary colors.

They are versatile window coverings that are made of various clothing materials ranging from sheer, lace, and silk, thermal, embroidered, taffeta, polyester and faux silk. Hanging the grommet curtains will take for a short time because the decorative curtain rods are inserted directly to the grommets. They provide flexibility because they can be adjusted when you open the curtain wide or close it during nighttime.

Retailers are selling them for as low as $10 but make sure that you got a quality grommet curtain by choosing durable cloth. Consider the height of your window by measuring from the top to the floor or just below the window sill. Look for standard length which is 84 inches. You can also pick for other lengths from 95 to 120 inches long.

Big windows need additional panels and to play safe, double width is a better option. Cheap grommet curtains are elegant, appealing and fashionable. You can never go wrong when you buy a grommet curtain panel as they are affordable and easy to maintain. For busy people, they are the best adornment for your windows and doors.

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