5 Luxury Holidays That You Need To Consider This Year

by - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It is that time of year again. The most wonderful time of the year: planning your next holiday. The world is seemingly bigger than ever and with so much to explore the vast choice that is available is simply overwhelming. Picture this: you’re lazing around, with a cocktail [or coffee] in hand, catching up on this year’s must-read novel. You’re relaxed, happy and on the holiday of a lifetime. The point is, where are you? Or more importantly, where do you envision yourself this year?

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A little bit of luxury is something we all crave when planning our next relaxing jaunt. The choice is seemingly endless.

Here is a list of luxury holidays that you seriously need to consider going on this year:

1. A Bespoke Holiday

With more and more people booking a tailor made holiday, a bespoke holiday is the perfect way to get everything that you want from a holiday, and more! One of the wonderful advantages of travelling in this way is that you are completely in control of where you go and what you do. After all, the most important thing about your holiday is you, so why shouldn’t you be able to completely tailor a holiday to suit all your travel needs? Your dream holiday has never looked so appealing. You aren’t restricted to anything or anyone and likewise, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You holiday in your own pace and do everything in your own time and of course, within your budget. Sounds idyllic! After working hard all year round, it certainly feels good to be the master of your own destiny.  

2. A Cruise Holiday

Is there a more perfect way to holiday? A little bit of what you fancy is always on board a cruise ship. From fine dining to discos, lazing by the pool to on-board shopping there is something for everyone aboard a cruise ship. When catering to every ones individual tastes, a cruise ship has it all. The great thing about a cruise holiday is if you’re anything like me, you are utterly indecisive about where in the world you want to go. The vast amount of choice of locations where you port only serves to be a positive note for me. With so many cultures, sites to see and different world cuisines to try, a cruise is surely on every ones bucket list?  Caribbean and European City cruises tend to be the most popular, so if you want to see more of the world, while relaxing in complete opulence, take a look at www.cruise1st.co.uk for inspiration.

3. Skiing Holidays

Skiing holidays are a must for the ultimate girl about town. Whether you want to perfect your technique or simply relax in the lodge, a skiing holiday is a serious contender for your holiday travel plans. The great thing is that you can choose how to relax. Whether you learn a new skill as a novice or a first timer or whether you choose to stay in a gorgeous mountain top chalet a skiing holiday really is a must for a luxurious summer holiday. Ski holidays are great for people that seek a little more adventure from their travels.  Aside from having a simply amazing time on the piste, there are also many health benefits to skiing.  Imagine coming back from holiday with amazing toned tummy muscles. Now that is something to consider!

4. Glamping

Ok – so the thought of spending your summer holiday under canvas might not be the most appealing option, but seriously consider glamping. Made popular by a whole host of celebrities, as well as music festivals offering yurts as an attractive alternative to camping; glamping is for the girl that wants something a little more quirky for her holidays. Waking up to bird song in the morning while having the ability to make a hot cup of coffee is something that everyone should experience once. Most yurts and bell tents are set in gorgeous locations. Imagine rolling hills, picturesque landscape and being amongst nature.  You can do all this while also have your creature comforts. Most yurts are kitted out with all the amenities you need to make life more comfortable, and that does include the ability to plug in your straightening irons and hairdryer! Glamping holidays offer a totally unique experience whilst offering quality comfort. That means you can get back to basics without compromising on your luxuries.

5. A European Tour via Campervan

Imagine travelling around Europe, seeing all the big city sites from the warmth and luxury of a campervan. Whether you can imagine one of the nostalgic VW campervans, or something more luxurious, a European Tour via any Campervan is not to be missed. Not being tied to a hotel offers you the freedom to see everything that you have ever wanted to see on the continent. From the Moulin Rouge in Paris to the Coliseum in Rome, you can drive, soak up the sights and enjoy every last inch of Europe. Imagine watching the sun rise from your bed, or looking up at the night sky while parked up. Every morning you could wake up in a different part of the world and experience everything that Europe has to offer. Of course, all your amenities would be on board with you, and you wouldn’t need to pack lightly. That means taking everything with you, aside from the kitchen sink, to make your trip oh-so chic and unique.

If you are looking for something new, an adventure, some peace and quiet on your next holiday or just a new experience, then one of these luxury holiday types may be exactly what you need. So,  when you’re looking at booking your next holiday, why travel down the same route as everyone else? Not only have you got the excitement of booking your amazing travels, you will make some amazing memories that will continue to enchant and enthrall everyone once you’re back home.

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