Footie Pajamas Aren't Just For Kids

by - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We all remember the fleece and flannel footie pajamas from our youth. When we think of them, thoughts of comfort and warmth come to mind. You may have even told a friend or loved one recently that you wish they made those great pj's for grownups. Guess what? They do, and there are lots of reasons to buy a pair.

They're Fun

Yes, footie pajamas or adult onesies are just fun. They're a novelty item that the young-at-heart can pull off easily. Your friends will probably laugh at you when they come over to hang out, and you're wearing your jammies, but it's all in good fun, and they really are a great conversation piece.

They're Comfortable

Let's face it. Do you really care if your best buddy pokes fun at your jammies when they're this comfy, cozy and warm? No, it's likely that you don't. No one but the closest and most intimate of people see you in your pajamas, anyway, and they're not going to judge. So you may as well be comfortable when you hang out at home and get ready for bed.

They're Versatile

Yes, footie pajamas actually have a number of uses beyond just lounge wear. You can pick up a pair and use them as a Halloween costume. Throw on your pj's, put some pigtails in your hair, grab a blankie or teddy bear, and your sleepy toddler costume will surely be a hit a the party.

They're Unique

Not every grown up owns a pair of footie pj's. Buy a pair for yourself, and you'll stand out. Buy a pair as a gift for a friend, family member or loved one, and you'll be on the list of favorite people. Anyone would love to get a pair of cozy pj's as a present. It's a unique and nostalgic item they'll treasure. Just like the little kid version, grown up pj's also come in various fabrics and colors, so you can customize the perfect gift to suit the recipient's personality.

Believe it or not, footie pj's for adults are hugely popular. Everyone loves them, and for good reason. Try a pair yourself, and you'll see why.

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