4 Reasons to Pay Your Dentist A Visit

by - Saturday, April 05, 2014

Some people go years without a trip to their dentist, but without the proper care, oral health can be compromised. Whether it is out of fear, lack of insurance, or a general misunderstanding for how important regular visits are, if you haven’t been to the dentist for an extended period, now is the time to call and make an appointment. 

1. General Health

Regular check-ups make a big difference in the health of your mouth and even your overall health. Research has shown that there is a link between the health of your teeth and gums and the health of your entire body. The systems that are negatively impacted by poor dental hygiene include:

  • Circulatory System
  • Reproductive System
  • Digestive System
  • Respiratory System
  • Medical professionals often see a correlation between heart disease and gum disease. A trip to the dentist can be beneficial to both your mouth and many different parts of your body that you may not have realized were affected by your oral care.

    2. Prevention

    It is often easier to prevent a problem with your teeth or mouth than it is to fix the problem, which is why seeing your dentist at least once a year is so important. Getting into your dentist’s chair frequently for a cleaning and quick inspection of your mouth can be the best way to find out if an issue could arise. Even if your at-home dental care is top notch, you will not be able to remove tartar buildup on your teeth as well as a trained professional can. The mineralized deposits can cause serious consequences unless your dentist removes them every six months to a year. If left untreated, the calculus could cause tooth decay, gum disease or other preventable conditions. Other problems that can be detected at a regular check-up include:

  • Cavities
  • Faulty fillings
  • Impacted teeth
  • Improper positioning
  • Dry mouth
  • 3. Save Money

    If you have been uninsured, then you may have avoided seeing a dentist for fear that you will end up paying more than you can afford. With a quality dental plan like Florida's All-In-One Dental Plan, you can actually end up saving money by making regular visits to your dentist. Individual and family insurance plans cover almost any procedure that is performed at a dental office and with preventative care, you can avoid having to pay for costly treatments required to fix problems that have been left untreated. Depending on your insurance plan, you can find dentists that are covered by your insurance provider so that you can receive affordable treatment.

    4. Improved Self-Esteem

    One of the first things that other people see when they look at you is your smile, but when you have poorly cared for teeth you may not feel comfortable showing them off. Regular cleanings at your dentist’s office can give you the whiter teeth you need to feel confident with your appearance. Instead of hiding your smile, you can get back your lost self-esteem and show the world your happy face.

    There are many physical and even emotional benefits that can be gained by going to the dentist, and with an all-inclusive dental plan, you can get back even if it has been a long time since your last visit.

    All-All-In-One Dental Plan provides affordable individual, couples and family dental plans to students, seniors and families throughout Florida.

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