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by - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

After watching a few YouTube how-to-videos on techniques regarding the proper way of applying makeup, it is still evident that me, makeup and I still aren’t good friends.  But well, I have that positive feeling that we’re getting there sooner or later.  Either way, no rush, buttercup!

Anyway, since November of 2013, below are three of my favourite makeup brushes that I’ve purchased at the H&M shop downtown.  I only have three [so far] but I’m still calling it my little H&M vanity corner.  *wink*

From top to bottom:

The H&M Blush Brush --- purchased at around $9, this one’s a great buy.  I don’t however use this for my blush.  Instead, as my powder brush.  It’s soft and smooth!

The H&M Eye shadow Brush --- got this baby at plus/minus $4.50.  Again, that’s cheap and well worth it.  Nice bristles – definitely also soft and smooth.

The H&M Foundation and Powder brush in one --- at $9 [59.50 Swedish crowns], I have to say that this one’s a bargain.  Not only that this two-in-one brush looks more luxurious than the first two [black series], it also has that luxurious feel when it touches your skin.  The bristles are way softer and nicer!  Now I am pondering on grabbing its Kabuki brush as well as the 2-in-1 eye shadow brush.

If you reside in Sweden, the brushes are available off- and online.  If not, there’s a chance that you can only get these from your local H&M shop.

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