Things To Do In California For The Whole Family

by - Wednesday, April 09, 2014

California is known as the Golden State as it has a deep and rich history with gold mining and its discovery. If you do plan to visit California you will have to check out their Golden Poppy Fields, which can be seen throughout the spring months.

There is so much to do if you want to visit California, that it would be impossible to name them all.

Instead, here is a list of the top places to visit should you go to California:

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: The museum covers around 50,000 square feet, and is full of galleries that contain works from the likes of: Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse and Georgia O’Keeffe, amongst many more. It is the one stop place to visit if you love art, and especially modern art. Depending when you plan to visit California, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art offer a number of special exhibits throughout the year.

[Thanks to James McCaffrey for the photo, via Flickr]

The Tech Museum of San Jose:  The aim of the museum is to showcase how technology works, how it affects who we are and how we work, play and learn. Indeed this is the museums philosophy and goal. The museum opened up in 1978 and began to grow at a steady pace to become one of California’s must visit sites. The Tech Museum has grown in size to about 132,000 square foot that is completely devoted to science and technology. There are a number of permanent galleries and exhibitions on site, as well as plenty of visiting exhibitions throughout the year. One of the permanent galleries focuses on green technology, while others focus on the internet, exploration and how technology has moulded and shaped our lives and the world in which we live in today. If you love technology, this is a must see as well as the gift shop which contains all sorts of technological wonders and toys [for children and adults alike].

Disneyland: This guide of must visit places in California would not be complete without the inclusion of a Disneyland. Explore the park and meet all of the Disney characters while you travel around. The park includes a number of different attractions that are really for the children, however adults can also enjoy the rides and activities too. If you are looking for accommodation that would be ideal for Disneyland, as well as the other California attractions and places to visit that are featured in this guide. Venere offers some of the best hotels and are ideally situated so you can enjoy all of what California, Los Angeles offers.

Six Flags Magic Mountain: If Disneyland is not your thing, then do not worry. California also has the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park to keep you entertained. Here you will find one of the world’s largest collection of rides that border on the extreme side. It has the nickname of the ‘iron park’, no wonder, if you plan to visit you will be surrounded with steel structures that support the rides. If fast rides are your thing, pay the Six Magic Mountain theme park a visit.

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