A Quick And Happy Update

by - Wednesday, January 07, 2015

2014 has come and gone.  Although I haven’t been around much in the blogging world lately, I’ve made sure to take loads of photos --- shopping, travels, outfits, food and more --- that I’ll be sharing with you guys the minute I get enough time.

Before I move on, here’s a quick note:  I will not be renewing within 2015 the domains of two of my blogs, http://thepastimeshelf.com and http://swenay.com.  With plans on making room for other stuff [will be revealed later], I know that I can only manage three blogs at a time.  Kinda sad in a way but it’s time to let go!  Hope everything goes as planned!  Fingers crossed!

On a lighter note: my 2014 had been a fantastic year.  Work was great.  Met new colleagues.  Spent more quality time with my boyfriend.  Found great cruise packages online and grabbed two deals, one in October and another one in December – my firsts ever!


On the photo:  greetings from Birka Cruises!
Took this 22-hour cruise getaway with my Bebe and four siblings-in-law in 22 December of 2014, my second cruise experience.  As I am not an alcohol fan, a can of Sprite and a cup of cold coffee by Starbucks were my companions after dinner time.

I wore a green sleeveless top by H&M which was halfway covered with a black scarf [also by H&M].
The skirt was from ebay and ballet flats were purchased in Terranova [SM Mall of Asia sometime in 2009, if I recall it right].
Accessories: ESPRIT ROSEGOLD LADIES WATCH which I got from my guy as an advance Christmas gift [will be making a review later], a ring and pearl stud earrings.

Well.  That’s it for now.  I hope that everyone’s 2014 was great!

Have an awesome and fulfilling 2015 friends [and foes]!  Mwah!

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