Quick Coffee Stop: Espresso House - Sundsvall

by - Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[15 July 2014.  A really late post.  Wooops!]

I am a coffee freak.  Well, who can blame me?  Everyone loves the company of this enchanting brewed potion  ~~~ the reason why my boyfriend and I spent about 45 minutes inside a neat coffee place called the Espresso House located within Sundsvall Centrum.

As coffee lovers, we decided to check the place ourselves before heading back home.  It was at around three in the afternoon when the quench for a taste of coffee kicked in.  We went in and took a quick look at the menu.  For Bebe - a big cup of White Mocha Latte while a huge Cookies and Cream Frapino was what we got for me.


Espresso House : Storgatan 25, Sundsvall, Sweden
WiFi: Yes

We wanted to take a seat outside.  However, due to the showery weather, indoor it was!


On the photo above:

Coffee happiness, joy, joy!  Enjoyed ‘em hot and cold!
Cookies and Cream Frapino, tall glass: 46 sek [Swedish crowns]
White Mocha Latter, big mug: 45 sek

A comfy couch and a Cookies and Cream Frapino!  Wonderful!
If you opt for a cold coffee, this Cookies and Cream Frapino might just be for you.  It’s not too sweet.  The bits and pieces of chocolate cookies, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, tiny marshmallows, milk and newly shaved ice – a concoction that is definitely worth a try!



The interior is spacious and inviting.  With a mix of modern and contemporary furniture plus a well balanced lighting give this coffee shop’s guests a relaxing stay.


… This place, I love!  If ever you’re in Sundsvall or in the neighborhood and you want to have a coffee break, give Espresso House a try.  You sure will love it there!

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