My New Phone: Nokia Lumia 930

by - Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A couple of months before my two-year phone contract ended, I was already looking forward to getting a new one until … my Nokia Lumia 920 got that Windows Phone 8.1 update.  I fell in love with my phone all over again and that letting it go was no longer an option.

Unfortunately, during the contract’s last day, this happened:

This wasn’t the first time I dropped my Nokia Lumia 920.  It survived my carelessness all the time but it was my first time to accidentally step on it after giving it a hard drop while I was on my way home from work.  I was in total denial.  I went home heartbroken, nearly crying.  Although it was still fully functional [the camera and everything!] my boyfriend thought that it was the perfect opportunity to buy me the newest Lumia phone.  Two days later, ta-dah:

the new phone arrived --- my Nokia Lumia 930!  *happy dance*

Thank you Electroworld.se for the great deal!

Hello Nokia Lumia 930!  Goodbye and thank you my Nokia Lumia 920!

Nokia Lumia 930 is a bit larger than the 920 but it weighs 18 grams lighter.  Might not sound much but is a definite plus for me!  I do not have that huge masculine pair of hands but I have no issues with its size.  It sits okay on my hands.

When it comes to available Windows apps, I have installed all that I need --- quite a number of camera and photo, bank and identification, social media, communication, games, music, email, blogging apps and many more!

The camera?  I can say that it’s the ultimate mobile phone for bloggers!  Its 20 megapixel PureView camera is super impressive!  I’ve been using my Lumia 930 for five days now and wow… the photos are crisp and clear!  Splendid indeed!

Below are Nokia Lumia 930 sample photos without putting its pro-mode option on:

22 February 2015.  At work with the day’s project: The Giant Hamburger Cake oozing with barbecue sauce [flash: off]:

22 February 2015.  Winter Wonderland [flash: off]:

23 February 2015.  Lunch!  Eight pieces home cooked chicken wings.  Yum! [flash: auto]:

24 February 2015.  For the love of music --- my Urbanears headphone [flash: off]:

All in all, I am a happy owner of a Nokia Lumia 930 Windows phone in black.  So far, I am lovin’ it!

Hope everyone’s having a great week!  Ciao for now!

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