Honeymoon in Style, But on a Leaner Budget

by - Monday, March 16, 2015

What better way to show your devotion to a partner than with a grand wedding celebration? For many couples and their families, weddings are events that deserve a little extra cash to really splurge on the occasion. With a wedding being a highlight of partnership for a couple, it’s easy to really stretch the bank account on the event. While it is possible to save on the wedding itself, in order to get the most out of the big event, a couple might be able to cut costs in other places.  Saving on the honeymoon, for example, can provide more money for the wedding itself or simply to have more money in the bank overall.  A payday loan could make a big difference to your Honeymoon destination, offering the opportunity to have your dream trip whilst not taking away from savings for the big day.

Tell People it’s Your Honeymoon

One of the quickest and easiest ways to save on your honeymoon is to tell the places you are booking with that it’s your honeymoon. Many hotels, spas, and other travel agencies are likely to give you a discount when you mention you are honeymooning. Those places want you to be happy during the important time so you recommend them to others for their honeymoons and that you consider using them again for future vacation needs.

Think Close to Home

Driving to a close destination could save not only on airfare, but also on a rental car or other travel needs. If you do decide to fly, take flights closer to home and think “smaller.” Staying closer to home will enable you to save money getting to your destination and will give you more money to spend when you’re there. Maybe you’d like to stay an extra night with those extra funds? Or maybe you’d like a nicer hotel, fancier meals, or more exotic activities at the destination? However you like to spend—or even save!—your extra money, closer travel could open up a world of interesting possibilities.

Try a Honeymoon Registry and Offers from Family or Friends

Perhaps you don’t need many gifts for your new home or other items you feel are somewhat impractical. In that case, you might want your guests to put their gifts and money somewhere else: into your honeymoon. Just like a wedding registry would work, a honeymoon registry would provide an excellent way to get help paying for your honeymoon by purchasing airfare, lodging, stays at a spa, or other travel expenses. Sites like honeyfund.com and other similar offerings can help with the organization of a registry like this if you need help.

Outside of the registry itself, family members and friends might own or have inexpensive access to lodging, travel, and other honeymoon necessities. Try asking your friends and family members if they have any leads on inexpensive options. Even if those people don’t have direct access to those needs, they might know someone who does. 

Pick the Right Time and Place to Honeymoon

Simply put, certain destinations are much cheaper than others. Do some research on what places—even further away—are less expensive to vacation in and go from there. Can you piece together a good room deal in the country? Does the place have enough to offer by way of sites or experiences? Consider a destination less traveled to in order to get more bang for your buck. You can likely find something to love in a place you might have never suspected before.

In addition to considering a destination that costs less overall, consider traveling in the off season. Often times, a great destination can offer a great honeymoon option regardless of the time of year. Find out when the “off season” for your destination is and consider traveling then. Even if you have to wait until a little while after your wedding to have your honeymoon, it might be worth it in order to save the most money.

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