Unused Beauty Products from Glossybox

by - Saturday, June 27, 2015

So I did subscribe to Glossybox for six months and renewed for another six.  The goal was to review each and every box but obviously, that didn’t happen.  In fact, the only box I wrote about was my first ever box from Glossybox.  Sigh.

My last box [June box] will arrive on Monday before lunch [perfect timing as I’ll be flying to the Philippines later that day for a four-week vacation].  I hope that my last Glossybox is a good and decent one.  And nope.  I will not be renewing the subscription.  I am thinking of trying other beauty boxes.  At the moment, I am torn between two companies which look impressive according to reviews.  Will have to research and compare more later.

Anyway, as I am in the midst of organizing my clothes and accessories, I’ve emptied all my Glossybox boxes and … ta-dah … surprised to find lots of good and unexciting stuff left and here they are waiting to be put to use [or given/thrown away]:

For the lips:

For the nails:

For the cheeks and eyes:

Moisturizers and lotions:

Et cetera:

I’ll bring the moisturizers, lotions and the Burt’s and Bees lip balm with me on my vacation.  The other Glossybox items I’ll leave behind will be tested another time and hopefully, reviewed!

P.S.  I’ll be posting my last Glossybox experience here.  Done and published on Monday.  Promise!

That’s it for today… Have a fantastic weekened everyone! <3

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