Adding Some Biker Chic to Your Fall Wardrobe

by - Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall is such a great season for fashion. It is really nice to have that period before you have to start bundling up for the properly cold months in heavy coats and all those knits, but can enjoy wearing things like jeans and jackets, leggings and shirts that it was just too hot for in summer!

The Biker Jacket

One of the best things to wear in fall that never seems to go out of style is a good leather jacket. While fake leather jackets can look just as good, there is something about the smell of a real one, and that creaky sound when you move around in it, that makes wearing it feel special! There are loads of great leather or leather look jacket styles around this fall, but one of the best investments is a classic biker jacket. Here are some tips on getting the right one for you, and styling it!

Buying the Right Biker Jacket

The first thing to remember is there are biker jackets, that is jackets with reinforced bits and super thick leather that are designed to actually stop you losing skin if you come off a motorcycle, and the fashion equivalents that have the same cut and style, but none of the safety features. If you have any intention of actually getting on a motorcycle, then that pretty thing you picked up at the mall is not designed to protect you, so make sure you buy one by a motorcycle gear brand from somewhere like If you want the look but don't see any scenario where you'll need it to protect you, then you can choose whatever you want, including imitation leather, or very soft, thin leathers that are not that protective. Classic black is always a winner, but colored ones are easy to find and can be fun to wear. You can also get all different zip configurations and details like fringing or studs, so shop around and pick a style you really love!

Styling Your New Biker Jacket

So, you've found a jacket you love, how are you going to wear it? A biker jacket looks effortlessly cool with a lot of outfits, some of them surprising. Wearing it with jeans, particularly skinny styles, is a bit of a no brainer. However, what can also look really cool is to pair it with more feminine things like floaty, delicate looking dresses. This can be a way to get your summer dresses a little more wear before going into hibernation this fall. Sophisticated LBDs also get a cool edge when you wear them with this style of jacket, giving you an elegant evening look but with a hint of rebellious cool. When it comes to shoes, hi-top trainers look great for casual outfits, and any kind of boot for more dressy wear!

Biker jackets are so cool and stylish, and also timeless, so if you invest this fall you'll have a great jacket to return to every year!

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