Don't Get Along with Super High Heels? Then Let's Talk about Great Alternatives for All Occasions

by - Friday, December 11, 2015

Some girls absolutely love heels and with good reasons. They've been proven to give you extra sex appeal, they make you taller, give you a sexier posture that enhances your legs and behind and can also feature some really beautiful designs. However, they just aren't for everyone. Some people never really got the hang of heels in the first place.  Others had to give them up due to ankle or knee problems that make wearing them unbearable.  Others who are already tall feel self conscious as their heels elevate them to professional basketball player heights.

If  for whatever reason you are like me who don't get along with heels,  then you may find it hard to understand the obsession with high heeled footwear a lot of women seem to have.  I am one of those who can find the most attractive and fun to wear flat footwear [or footwear with more acceptable, comfortable heels]!  After all, when you shop for shoes, all those pretty looking stilettos and cool chunky heels just look like a whole world of pain - something our feet denitely don't deserve.

Here, we take a look at alternatives to sky high heels and when and where to wear them:

Ballet Pumps

If you want shoes that are pretty, feminine and also classy, then ballet pumps should be something of a staple for you while you're avoiding heels. You can choose them in just about any color or texture, from fun animal print designs and sparkly pumps, through to extremely chic suede ballet shoes in sophisticated colors. There is a variation on the humble ballet shoe to match just about every outfit. They are great for work, and can even [if you pick the right style] work for the most formal of occasions [some people even wear them to balls or their own weddings!].

Flat Boots

There are all kinds of great flat boots you can find that offer warmth, style and above all, no heel. Cavalry style boots with a low heel can also be an option if you can live with a little extra height [or want it], as they are very comfortable and the extra support around the ankle make them feel less hard to walk in than other heels. Sheepskin lined 'Ugg' style boots may have their naysayers, but they can actually look nice as a relaxed style with leggings or jeans, whereas black leather ankle boots with or without embellishments like laces, studs or fringing can give a more edgy, streetwear look that can work well with short skirts and tights.

Delicate Flat Sandals

If you prefer something more delicate than a ballet shoe for a special evening, flat sandals that show a lot of foot and feature pretty things like beads, chains or thin leather straps can be an elegant choice. Even outside of the summer season these can be comfortable yet really girly and pretty especially for formal things like weddings or lavish parties when worn with an equally feminine evening dress.

Kitten Heels

If you don't mind an extra inch of height, then kitten heels can give you some of the benefits of higher heels in terms of flattering your legs and giving a more ladylike posture while also being astonishingly comfortable. Most people are amazed by how easy these small, thin heels are to wear when they first try them as they don't really look like they'll be comfortable, but that deceptiveness is part of their charm! Better yet, you can get just about any kind of shoe you like with this kind of heel, from knee high boots to pointy toed professional 'power shoes', or gorgeous evening shoes.

Between these four styles, you can really build up a shoe collection that will have you covered for just about any event while also leaving you able to walk comfortably and not stray too far from your natural height! Think about these styles next time you are in a shoe shop and you'll be sure to find plenty of great shoe designs to love and make your own!

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