Promoting a New Church Assembly in Your Town – What the People Want to Hear

by - Tuesday, March 08, 2016

 Sometimes a new church springs up in a town that has long since seen the birth of a new assembly but a new denomination or an existing denomination not represented in that town, decides to open a congregation. Unfortunately, even churches need to be promoted and most pastors simply don’t know the first thing about advertising so they need to rely on the expertise of marketing pros to get the word out. If you are a pastor of a new church in town, the first thing you need to understand about advertising is that you need to tell the people what they want to hear. No, not about matters of faith but about what your church assembly has to offer. Need a few tips? These were gathered from marketing pros around the web.
Fantastic Music Ministry
One of the biggest attractions to any church whatsoever, believe it or not, is the music ministry. If you have a fantastic music ministry, this is something you will want to advertise. Let the townsfolk know that your music minister is phenomenal and then perhaps invite visitors to a night of worship highlighting the best selections from your music ministry.
Comfortable Seating
How many churches have you gone to where the seating was so uncomfortable that you were literally forced to leave early? Long gone are the days of those hard wooden benches because there are companies like Seating Concepts that manufacture some of the most comfortable church seating you can imagine. Today’s churches offer seating that is more comfortable than cinema seats and congregants can actually pay attention to the pastor giving a teaching instead of their aching backs. Having comfortable church seating is something you will want to advertise, for sure!
Bible-based Teaching
When it comes to matters of the Christian faith, believers want to know that they are going to hear Bible based teachings. There are more than enough positive thinking coaches out there that today’s Christian wants to hear the word of God. If you teach from the Bible, no matter what version, this is something that will draw a large number of curious people who want to hear what your message is. Since two pastors can have differing slants on the same Bible passage, they will want to hear what you have to say.

Although you probably don’t think of religion and marketing as being compatible, the reality is that if you want to build a church following you have to let people know you are there. With a few sound marketing principles and a qualified marketing professional, it won’t be long before people in that town know you are there. Once your advertising gets them into your seats, it’s up to you and your message to keep them there. Until then, get the word out and watch your community grow. Remember, even Jesus started out with just 12 disciples so if you start small you are in good company. Marketing can help you grow.

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