Eco-Friendly Gifts to Give "Just Because"

by - Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thirty-four percent of those surveyed said they hadn't changed their lifestyle to a green standard because they didn't know what to do, according to a Harris Poll with advice from the Nature Conservancy. Overall, the study found a substantial lack of knowledge about how to go green.

Give your loved ones a green boost by shopping for eco-friendly gifts to reignite their passion for environmentally friendly living. You’ll introduce your friends and family to fun, new gifts that lessen their impact on the planet, while showing them how they can make their lifestyle a little greener.

Shop at eco-friendly companies

If you’re not sure where to start in your eco-friendly gift journey, start with companies that offer green products. But just about any company can say they’re green without the proof to back it up. The Federal Trade Commission warns that green advertising should have sound science to support their claims. Products should come with an explanation of why they're actually green, and that goes beyond just saying they're non-toxic or environmentally friendly.

Look for products that meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s scientific skincare standards and research companies that test and promote green products. Sometimes these products can be found in unexpected places and developed from established corporations. For example, the Artistry skincare and makeup products by Amway are high-quality, premium eco-friendly gifts that anyone can appreciate.

Go solar and get amped

Give your loved ones the gift of solar. The Sunny solar case for the iPhone 6 and 6s keeps your smartphone charged up with the power of the sun's clean energy. Check to see how fast Sunny is charging in the sun and use the flip case design as a stand to watch streaming movies and videos.

Another option is the AMPware iPhone crankcase. Pull back the built-in lever and start cranking to charge up your iPhone on the go. Two minutes of cranking can get your smartphone up and running for an emergency call. With 10 minutes of cranking, your iPhone is good to go for up to two hours of regular use. Unlike many specialty smartphone cases and vanity items, AMPware features drop protection with a flexible bumper and protects your phone against impact.

Indulge their vice

Give the gift of wine with organic or biodynamic wines. Chambers Street Wines has spent the last 20 years developing their natural style of wine making. Naturally made wines taste great with better acidity and you don't have to battle against added sulfites, which are used in standard practice to bring out their complex flavors and aromas.

For chocolate lovers, look for sustainable and organic choices that are made with fair trade practices. Traditional chocolates from a generic grocery store could be fueling wars in impoverished nations in Africa or endorsing slave labor conditions. Meanwhile, 90 percent of Madecasse chocolates are made in Madagascar and claim they make chocolate in-country for the enterprise benefit of its local people. The founders were Peace Corps members who fell in love with the country and wanted to make a positive impact there.

Travel in eco-style

Smart Growth America reports that nearly half of all trips in metropolitan areas are three miles or less and 29 percent are just one mile or less. Even though these short trips can be made on foot or bicycle, 65 percent of all of these trips are made by a car. Delight your environmentally friendly loved ones with an eco-friendly motorized scooter to zip and zoom in ultimate style. EcoReco runs on a Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery and can sustain more than 2,000 charging cycles. That equals about 10 years of use under normal usage.

For the more adventurous, pick up a USA Rail Pass from Amtrak so they can take the train across America. Your gift recipient has over 500 destinations to choose from, ranging from 15 days to 45 days of use.

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