This Year, I Turn 38

by - Friday, October 07, 2016

… and then the clock strikes midnight!  07 October it is.  It’s official.  It’s my birthday and this year, I turn 38.  Such a quite odd feeling being 18 with 20 years of experience.  A couple more years and I’ll be hitting the 40 mark.  Whew!

Anywho, I am thankful.  For everything.   Family.  Love.  Friends.  Work.  Good health.  Success.  The adventures.  The misadventures.  The ups.  The downhill scrambles.  All the laughter.  Sadness.  The lessons learned.  The tears shed.  You.

Get more quality sleep. :)
At 38, I am no longer looking forward to the gifts, cake and fancy celebrations as accomplishing my birthday resolutions is something I am more thrilled about.  A sign of maturity?  Maybe.

My resolution list’s quite short:
Keep it simple.
Make exercise a habit.
Slash sugar intake.
Reduce stress.
Get more quality sleep.
Be organized.
Travel more.

Slash sugar intake.  More Sudoku instead! :)

Fingers crossed.  I’ll be the better version of myself when I turn 39.  Exciting!

I wish you all a happy day!  Again, happy birthday to me!

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