Best Winter Skincare Tips to Keep in Mind

by - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Winter is just around the corner, which means it is time to start preparing for the weather and its impact on our skin. I’ve talked about wanting to invest in laser treatments to prevent acne breakouts and to clear up any old acne marks; I might do that before the season comes.

There are also some beauty routines and skincare tips I picked up from friends and experts. These tips are helping me prepare better for this winter. I’m going to share the best ones with you in this post.

Moisturise More

It is not uncommon for our skin to get dry – and I do mean really dry – during the winter. The cold air is causing the skin to produce less natural oil, making it dry much faster than you think. The best way to prevent dry skin and other problems it may cause is by moisturising more.

There are moisturisers designed specifically for winter, but you don’t actually need to get them just to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Your existing moisturising cream will do just fine. If there’s one thing you should change, it’s the foundation you use.

You can mix equal parts moisturizer and foundation to help keep the skin healthy. There are also tinted moisturisers you can use the same way as you would a foundation or BB cream. You can look just as stunning without having to deal with dry patches.

Exfoliate Once a Week

Adding a nice, relaxing face massage and exfoliation to your weekly beauty routine will also help you get through the winter without suffering from skin problems. There are a few products to use, too. The Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals Powerbrasion Crystals is definitely one of the must-have products for the season, especially since it can target acne and prevent future breakouts.

The same brand has a complete Powerbrasion System to help you exfoliate and maintain a healthy skin during the winter. While the system can be used regularly and will help you solve a lot of problems you may be having with your skin, it is a particularly good kit to have when you start seeing dry spots around certain areas.

Never Skip Your Sunscreen

Just because it is cold outside, it doesn’t mean there are no UV lights lurking around the corner waiting to ruin your skin. In fact, during those days with clear sky and light breeze, the cold temperature can be very deceiving. You’re actually getting a lot of UV rays from the sun. Never skip your sunscreen if you really want to protect the health of your skin.

Having a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 in your handbag definitely helps. You can apply a thin layer of sunscreen whenever necessary. Some makeup and moisturizers also contain sunscreen, so you can use them as substitutes.

Keep these tips in mind and stick to the beauty routines you already have. Maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin through the cold days of winter should not be a problem at all. Don’t forget to have some glycerine or mineral oil so you can always treat dry spots quickly.

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