Safe and Effective Alternatives to Botox and Laser Skin Resurfacing

by - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Millions of pounds are spent each year by women who want to keep their skin smooth and glowing as they begin to reach their middle years. Much of the time that money is spent on cosmetic surgery that is expensive and painful and has the potential for some rather nasty side effects. With the advancement of medical technology, a greater number of cosmeceuticals are on the market that can do the job in a much safer and less painful way. Skin Doctors cosmeceuticals are safe and effective and priced well below what you would pay for laser skin resurfacing or Botox injections.

The Dangers of Botox Injections

There are a number of known dangers of Botox injections but perhaps the biggest side effect would be the fact that some doctors who give the injections are, for lack of a better word, ‘sloppy.’ They either inject too much or too little and at times it is in an area that isn’t quite on the mark giving a rather lopsided effect. Second to that is the ‘droopy eye’ syndrome but that is temporary and lasts only a few days to perhaps 2 weeks and then dissipates.

Along with the cost of the injections and the headaches that are common when getting Botox injections, many women simply want a safer and cheaper solution. Skin Doctor’s Instant EyeLift is by far safer and much, much less expensive with results noticeable within moments of even the first application. Some doctors go so far as to say that Botox may even be a long-term health risk. When safer alternatives are available, why chance it?

The Cost of Laser Skin Resurfacing

Cosmetic surgery is something just not covered under the NHS and so women who want a laser skin resurfacing procedure are left to cover the cost on their own. This is a system whereby the outer [wrinkled or lined] areas of the face, especially around the mouth and eyes are literally abraded of the uppermost layers of skin, leaving the smoother under layers exposed.

This can leave unsightly redness and chaffing and again it is a costly procedure. Skin Doctor’s answer to expensive skin resurfacing is their exfoliating product called Powerbrasion Crystals System that does the same job at much less the cost and typically without that raw, red, irritated look.

Cost and Safety Are Imperative

So when seeking alternatives to procedures that can be quite expensive and oftentimes less than safe or effective, you should know that there are products you can try. From simple home remedies that help if applied over time to proven cosmeceuticals that have been well researched and proven in clinical trials, there are alternatives. Just be aware of the fact that safety takes precedence over cost even though you don’t have a small fortune to spend.

No woman wants premature signs of aging. However, most women just don’t have the financial wherewithal to pay for expensive procedures in a clinic. Cosmeceuticals are the answer because they are the perfect blend of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals that have been tested and proven for safety and effectiveness. There is no reason not to be good to your skin when there are affordable treatments on the market. See for yourself. You’ll be more than glad you did!

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