The Must-Have Tools that You Never Knew Your Makeup Bag was Missing

by - Saturday, January 21, 2017

Achieving foundation that’s flawless, eyes that pop, and brows that are on fleek is only partly to do with the makeup products that you use. Having the right tools is just as important, and yet, few of us spend as much money on our makeup tools as we do our makeup products.

Do you wonder how makeup artists get their clients’ makeup looking so perfect? A lot of women presume that the reason makeup looks so good when applied by a makeup artist is because of their training. Although that’s part of the reason, it’s also because they have access to all the best makeup and all the best tools.

If you’re anything like me, then the chances are that your makeup bag is packed full of high-end makeup, but very few tools for makeup application. To up your makeup game, investing in the right tools is a must. So, with that in mind, below is a list of all the must-have makeup tools that makeup artists swear by.

Quality makeup brushes

The chances are that your makeup bag is already home to at least a couple of makeup brushes. However, the question is, are they quality makeup brushes? It’s not about buying designer makeup brushes; it’s about buying high-quality ones. This is because how a brush applies a product to your skin depends on the quality of the brush. As a rule of thumb, cheaper made brushes don’t tend to be as effective when it comes to picking up product or applying it to the skin. The most important thing when selecting makeup brushes is to be selective - don’t pick a set of brushes, find the right brush for each task. For instance, you may find that for applying powder Eco Tools brushes are best, whereas for applying foundation Mac’s brushes are best. When it comes to picking brushes, it’s somewhat a case of trial and error, and totally depends on your personal preference.

Makeup spatula

A makeup spatula is a makeup bag must-have, and yet, very few people have them or have ever thought to invest in them. Because makeup artists use the same products on various people, hygiene is crucial. Ask any makeup artist, and they’ll tell you that for applying makeup hygienically, the use of a makeup spatula is crucial. To keep your makeup clean, having a specialist spatula in your makeup bag is a must so that you can use that to remove the amount of product that you need to use, instead of using your fingers or an already used brush.

Makeup sponge

A couple of years ago, when the Beauty Blender was first created, makeup sponges were all the range. They were the must-have beauty products, and it’s easy to see why - they offer seamless makeup application and are incredibly versatile, unlike makeup brushes that tend to have one purpose and are especially made for it. If you haven’t already got a makeup sponge, it’s definitely worth investing in one. However, a foam sponge may not be the best bet - a silicone sponge could be the answer. A new concept, silicone makeup sponges, apply makeup in the same way as traditional sponges but without absorbing any of the product being used, meaning that there’s much less waste, and also that they are more hygienic as they’re quicker and easier to clean.

There you have it, a guide to the must-have tools that you never knew your makeup bag was missing.

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