Learn Ways to Cut Calories and Feel Better

by - Friday, July 07, 2017

Eating whatever you want feels good at the time, but you’re often later filled with regret. It’s tough living your life in limbo.
There are methods for getting healthy that don’t require you give up eating. Learn ways to cut calories and feel better.

Cook with Spices

Start cooking meals at home and make it all about the flavor. Come up with meal ideas that require several spices and get your taste buds excited. Many spices also speed up your metabolism. There’s something out there for everyone. Find the recipes online and make sure they focus on using spices rather than sauces to give your meal that extra kick. Don’t be afraid to add extra flavor to your dish when it’s ready to eat.

Detox Tea

Detoxing is a smart way to shed the pounds and toxins fast. Use a natural and cleansing Detox Tea to aide you in your weight loss goals. It boosts energy levels and is safe to drink with no harsh chemicals or laxatives. The tea comes with a morning and evening variety to get the most out of your detox session. It’s delicious and promotes better sleep patterns. These teas are excellent for someone wanting to speed up the weight loss process and who’s serious about getting healthy. You’ll cut calories and start to feel the effects right away.

Reduce Sauces & Condiments

Be mindful about what you’re putting on your food. There are a lot of calories in sauces and condiments that people spread over their food consistently. These extra additions are hurting your weight loss and causing unhealthy side effects in your body. Many of them are filled with salt and sugar that only makes you feel hungrier. If you must use them, cut back on the amount you’re putting on your food. This is where you can substitute the sauces for spices and still have a satisfying meal.

Smaller Portions

Watch your portion sizes and cut back to save on calories. Fill your plate with vegetables and protein and make less room for starches and sweets. If you’re at a restaurant, eat half of your meal and take the remainder home. Start by taking smaller portions of food when you get your meal, but then also eat less off of your plate. It’s not easy, but you’ll be glad to realize how many calories you’re cutting in the process.

Make Smart Choices

There are always other options to your food or meal choices. For example, if a recipe calls for bacon, either use turkey bacon or skip it all together. Make smart choices when you eat out too. Opt for soup or a salad instead of the large burger. There’s always a way to save on calories if you’re looking for it. Be involved and take control of each meal, because there’s always a choice to be made if you’re paying attention.


Anyone who loves food knows it’s not always easy to eat healthy. The good news is that there’s always an option to make a smart choice. These are ways to cut calories and feel better.

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