How to Dress Like a Model

by - Friday, September 01, 2017

Your outlook is important because it is the first impression and first impression is the last impression. It tells the audience much about your intent, behavior and psychology. When we talk about outlook your attire is one of the most important determinant that defines it and thus it is utmost important to be selective about what you wear and how you wear. We all have some images of models in our mind that we appreciate and wish to be like that.

With this article we have come-up with some great information about how to dress like a model and what factors we need to take into consideration while dressing.

Find best variety that suits you

To dress like a model you need to find the best variety of attire that suits you. This can be achieved by being versatile and experimenting with new fancy dresses that are available in the market. For example, if you want a preppier outlook you need to wear more chinos than jeans.

There are many websites and online outlets that you can follow to have some best inspirations. For example, if you love men dressing with original clothes like Fendi then SSENSE is a good destination to try upon. SSENSE is an international online retailer known for its directional selection of over 400 brands which are sold across the world. With its reductionist and technologist approach, SSENSE wants to share its culture and not only products. The company is based in Montreal. If you wish to see real images of those attires then Pinterest could be the best one to see those.

You can also go to various fashion shows like http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2018-menswear/fendi to see how men look with Fendi items.

Get clothes that is right fit for your body

While dressing like models it is important to get attire that fits your body parts. Loose, very tight, or extra large attires could compromise your outlook. For example, if you are having a broader shoulder with smaller waist you need to have slim cut pants to visualize your size proportionately.

However, having mere a right fit size is not enough and you also need to have a look on other aspects of a dress like colors, cuts, and styles that support your body structure.

Get the details right

While dressing like a model it is important to care for each and every detail of your attire even the patterns on your socks and designing of the accessories you are wearing.

Experiment with different styles and looks-

A lot goes into being a perfect model and copying someone else is even trickier because you need to match it with your own body which different in structure, shape and dimensions. Nonetheless you can’t stop experimenting and you need to keep on trying new styles and looks.

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