The Secret to Clearer Skin and Better Health

by - Monday, September 04, 2017

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of products advertised to help with your skin. The beauty industry is one of the leading powerhouses that shape our world and how we see ourselves in it. Beautiful skin is an absolute must – and it should be! Clear, healthy skin is a sign of good health and hygiene. It’s a status symbol we can all be proud of. It’s just so hard to get! Pimples break out all the time; so many of the things we eat are terrible for us, our skin ages, wrinkles, discolours, gets puffy. There are so many things that your skin can tell you, if we only listen.

Healthy skin isn’t found in a bottle or serum. Those products only help the skin. For truly healthy and beautiful skin you need to fix your diet. Everyone knows how bad sugar is for your skin [especially chocolate!] but here’s the secret – alcohol can be just as bad. Cutting back on your alcoholic intake can instantly freshen your skin as it naturally heals the damage over time. Cutting back will also add the wonderful benefit of lessening the strain on your liver and improving your overall health. This is especially true in the long term, and isn’t the point of our rigid beauty routines to prolong our youth?

If you look at anyone who drinks excessively, and particularly at those whose liver is failing, you’ll notice one thing right away: how bad their skin is. If your alcoholic intake is excessively high [your friends and loved ones have probably mentioned it by now], you should seek help. Alcoholic addiction is a terrible affliction that can cause serious health concerns. Find AA Meetings that’ll help you, as they are a wonderful place to find the support and help you need to overcome your addiction. Search for an AA Meeting by zipcode to find one near you.

Alcohol damages your liver, and, worse for your skin, it dehydrates you. Alcohol is also full of congeners which are produced during the fermentation process. This is what causes your hangovers and inflames your skin. Each type of alcohol has different properties that affect your skin. If you’re looking for the best option, clear spirits or red wine are the ones to look to. Darker alcohols such as whiskey have been attributed to aging skin, and cocktails, or mixed drinks, are the worst. Cocktails, especially margaritas, are filled with both sugars and salts.

Sugars and carbs lead to inflamed skin, cell damage, and increased skin aging. It also causes acne, but we all knew that one. Red wine and beer both have antioxidants, though beer does have a higher sodium level, meaning if you ingest enough your eyes and skin will swell. Red wine overall offers the most benefits, though it isn’t the best if you have rosacea, as it can irritate your skin.

You don’t have to stop drinking alcohol, but cutting down and ensuring that you stay hydrated are important steps to preserve your skin for the years to come.

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