Styling Tips for Different Body Types

by - Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Have you ever wondered the reason why certain dresses or accessories don’t look good on you? Do not get disappointed – your looks have nothing to do with it. Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way, but only the wise ones identify that uniqueness and accentuate it. So instead of blindly following current fashions, if you can pinpoint your own uniqueness and style yourselves accordingly, each of you can make an exclusive style statement. Many factors like fabric, climate, and age affects our fashion choices. Even our complexion also affects the choice of our clothes. Take a peek into an article on States Chronicle for it.

Most women across geography go gaga over the latest fashion trends. While some women definitely look ravishing in them, it looks like some others are not just made for those fashions. Therefore, the most important factor that should affect the choice of your clothes is your body type. Given below are the five body types based on which you should select your wardrobe and wear clothes to look stunning:

Apple shape

Your weight is mostly concentrated around your midsection [your tummy and waist]. Your chiseled legs are your assets. So wear clothes that highlight your legs while concealing your midsection. The best bargains for you are:

· V-necks, A-line dresses, empire dresses, flowy tops, short skirts that reveal your legs, swing coats and straight coats.

· If you like going for a belt, always wear it below your bust and NOT around your waist.

· DO NOT go for embellished tops that highlight your upper body.

Pear shape

Your lower body is wider than the upper body [hips are wider than shoulders]. You are blessed with delicate waist and shoulders. You can go for:

· Off-shoulder and sweetheart-shaped dresses and tops, ruffled tops, structured jackets and boot-cut pants.

· Embellished tops that highlight your shoulders and flared pants are JUST for you.

· DO NOT go for light colored bottoms.

Inverted triangle shape

This is also called wedge shape. Your upper body [shoulders and chest] is wider than your lower body. You have beautiful legs.

· You can opt for clothes that accentuate your waist, V-necks, boot-cut pants, and cargo pants.

· ALWAYS go for dark colored tops and bright bottoms. Bottoms with horizontal lines will also look good on you.

· DO NOT go for tops that highlight your shoulders.

Rectangle shape

As the name suggests, the proportions of your upper and lower body are same. You can go for:

· Empire waist dresses, peplum tops or ruffled tops

· Accessories that add volume to your upper body

· Dresses that enhance your curves

Hourglass shape

Your shoulders and hips are of the same proportion and you have a slender waist. You can carry any dress with ease, but dresses that highlight your curves are best suited to you. Some of the dresses which look best on you are:

· High waist skirts, wrap dresses, belted jackets, pencil skirts and wide-legged pants

· DO NOT go for baggy clothes.

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