Things to Know Before You Wear Braces for the First Time

by - Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It is always a little frightening when you hear from your dentist that you might need to wear braces. Lots of people assume that only kids need braces. They cannot be more wrong. There is no age restriction when it comes to braces. There are many reasons you may need these at some point in your life. Below are few important things you should know about before you try on your first set of braces!

Some discomfort is normal

Initially, you will definitely feel weird wearing the braces, talking and eating with these on. It is absolutely normal and you do not have to panic. Many people also experience slight soreness and pain when the braces are on. However, this sensation goes off in a few days and you will get used to these. However, if you experience intense pain that does not reduce at all, then you should definitely visit your orthodontist for a second opinion.

You can pick from various options

There was a time when braces were boring to look at, very heavy and oddly visible. These days, you can pick models in so many materials, colors and types. Talk to your consulting expert, know about all available models and then choose ones that you prefer.

Get multiple consultations if it helps

Most dentists encourage people to visit them for suggestions and options. Every expert will have his/her preferred approaches to braces. When you talk to multiple people, you will understand the nuances of the process and take a better-informed decision.

Understand about oral hygiene

It is very important to go through a rigorous cleaning and flossing process while you are wearing your braces. Be prepared to spend a few minutes extra to keep the area surrounding your braces clean. This is necessary to prevent plaque and other mouth infections from spreading.

Removing braces

Braces are not permanent fixations. Depending on the reasons why you are wearing them, the treatment may last from a couple of months to several years. However, you should also be prepared for the day you take these off once for all. One common question people keep asking is this – does getting braces off hurt? The answer thankfully is no. There can be a slight discomfort, but you will be all excited about seeing your perfect teeth that you will not feel any pain or sensitivity.


Few times, doctors may add something called a retainer after the braces are taken out. These can be temporary or permanent depending on individual cases. These, however, are easier to manage and at most times are removed after a while.

A lot of celebrities have worn braces at some point in their life and have carried it off in style. It all depends on your confidence levels and how you embrace the change. Once you are fully prepared for the process and understand that it is making you better, you can deal with your braces with ease.

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