Must Have Study Essentials for Dental Assistant School Students

by - Monday, February 19, 2018

Choosing a career path in life can be a lot easier said than done. This is exactly why statistics show that people typically change jobs four times by the age of just 32. If you’ve recently been going through the process of either narrowing down your first job or you’re in the midst of changing careers to become a dental assistant, then the future looks pretty bright indeed.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the median pay for dental assistants was $36,940 as of 2016 and the field in general is set to grow by 19%, which is way faster than the national job growth average. So, before you start the process, we’ve got a list of must-have study essentials, plus a few handy tips thrown in.

Picking the Best Dental Assistant School

While not exactly a study essential, it is important you get off on the right foot, which means picking the best dental assistant school possible. This will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and training you need to get hired and then excel in your career. In order to help you pick that “perfect” school, it’s a good idea to check out the best-dentalassistantschools.com site, which outlines a number of top dental schools in the Atlanta region [and others].

Typically, you can choose to work in one of three industries, which are government, offices of physicians, or offices of dentists. The government-based positions do tend to pay a little more than the median wage.

A Reliable Laptop or Personal Computer

To go about your studies and related schoolwork, you’re going to need a reliable laptop or personal computer. As a student you will be expected to write papers and assignments, which will need to be completed on a computer. As you near the point of graduation, that computer will also be handy for creating your resume and searching for a job online.

Along with a computer, you’ll need to have a printer and a comfortable desk for your set-up. Make sure the desk encourages proper posture, as you may find yourself putting in long hours of study time.

The Smart Notebook - the Latest Tech Gadget for Students

Now, if you're the type that has a hard time staying organized and on top of your tasks and assignments, then a smart notebook may be exactly what you need. These notebooks allow you to jot down notes in the special notebook using a pen. The notes are then automatically translated into a digital file accessible to you.

The Evernote Moleskin smart notebook is the perfect example, and provides access to your notes through the Evernote app.

A Charging Backpack - Ensure Your Devices Have Power

As a student, you will be busy rushing from one class to the next, which means you don't always have time to charge your various devices. This is when a charging backpack can come in handy. You'll find models that offer multiple USB ports, making it possible to charge more than one device at a time, plus there's extra room to store your books and school supplies.

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