3 Reasons Why There’s Nothing Wrong with Getting Plastic Surgery for Aesthetic Purposes

by - Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Cosmetic surgeries can be life changing when done right, but thanks to the social stigma that generally accompanies such procedures, a lot of women are often too afraid or ashamed to go for them. In truth however, fear of social judgement should be the last thing to keep you from getting a procedure done and just in case you are not so sure about it, here are three reasons that you should take a look at.

How We Perceive Ourselves is Who We are

This is not a philosophical view on life but an actual fact of psychology; how we perceive ourselves determines almost everything about our personality and if a cosmetic surgery can make you feel good about yourself, you will only be improving your self-confidence by going through with it. For example, David Ghozland has been helping women get rid of extra or abnormal labial tissue around the vaginal lips via labiaplasty for years now and post-surgery, most women report that they are able to wear tight clothing without irritating the area and have a better sexual life altogether.

You Come First

Some people may judge you for getting breast implants or liposuction done, but unless they are the ones paying the bills, it shouldn’t matter because it’s your life and you come first. The decision about whether to go for a plastic surgery or not should depend on your own priorities and not how society will perceive that decision. A lot of plastic surgeries are actually done to improve the patient’s way of life, like for example, liposuction can help morbidly obese people get rid of extra fat and in the process, enable them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Similarly, repairing a broken or congenitally defective nose can have a huge positive impact on almost every aspect of the person’s future life, including social perception. Even if we are talking about purely cosmetic changes such as breast implants or filler injections, feel free to go through with them if there are no associated medical complications and you feel that the result can make you feel better about yourself.

Looks Do Matter

While the media will often try to convince everyone that looks don’t matter, it is absurd to think so in all honesty! How we look may not be who we are but the impact of those looks is no less significant either. In addition to self-perception, the behavior and attitude of people around us do vary, depending on how we are dressed, how we behave and how we look. So, if you want to improve certain aspects of your looks by going through a cosmetic procedure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

A number of women are concerned about keeping their plastic surgeries a secret and that’s okay too. While there are zero reasons for you to feel guilty or ashamed of doing something you want with your own body, there is no reason as to why it shouldn’t be kept private either, because most medical procedures are considered to be confidential information anyway.

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