How to Properly Set Up an Adult Birthday Party

by - Wednesday, June 13, 2018

When done right, an adult birthday party can be the perfect way for friends and family to come together and celebrate a milestone. It’s not nearly as expensive as other events such as weddings and doesn’t demand compliance with any tradition or custom.

This makes birthday parties perfect for people from all backgrounds and cultures to come together and enjoy a day of fun and positivity. If you’ve been tasked with setting one up, there are a couple of things to consider. This includes food and drinks, the venue, music, invitations and a few other bits and pieces.


These steps should be carried out a few weeks prior to avoid cramming and making mistakes. Choose a date that doesn’t clash with other events or general business hours. This way everyone is free to attend and isn’t pressured into changing their schedule to make it.

When creating the guest list, consult the birthday candidate to ensure that they’re happy with everyone who is coming and that nobody is missed out. Then it comes down to sending out invitations. If your budget allows it, pick up something unique to hype guests up a little. Of course, you shouldn’t be afraid to do a bit of DIY and make your invitations extra special, if you have the time.

Choosing the Venue

The venue is one of the most important aspects of a birthday party. If you’re having it at a house, ensure that there’s adequate space for all the guests. It’s also worth finding out whether the neighbors are okay with having vehicles parked in their area, along with the inevitable noise.

Depending on your budget, you can always opt for hiring a restaurant, club, or dedicated party venue such as a hall. Consider what your guests would like, how easy the venue is to access and how well it will work as a party location.

Food and Drinks

Buffets have been a go-to option for party hosts since whichever bright spark ignited their existence, and for good reason. They’re affordable and have mass appeal while ensuring that everyone’s stomach is filled without pressuring anyone into eating at all.

Be mindful of your guests and order a high quality buffet with fresh food. Many companies these days use low quality ingredients as it’s easier to get away with it when its served at events with alcohol.

Regarding drinks, be sure to accommodate for non-drinkers by serving soda, juices and even a plain jug of water for those who will inevitably need it.

Create a Gift List

When you are tasked with organizing someone else’s birthday, it can be difficult to know what they will appreciate as a gift. Guests will inevitably ask you what they should bring so it might be a good idea to set up an online gift list which guests can log on to. Search Create Birthday Gift to find a service suited to the birthday boy/girl.

Once you have the basics, it all comes down to setting up a theme and decorating your venue. Add in a few games and other entertainment, along with some party favors and you’re set for a good time with loved ones. 

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