Why Europe is the Perfect Vacation Destination for Adventure

by - Monday, June 04, 2018

So, you’ve decided that for your next vacation you want to pack as much into it as possible. As many different sights, as many different cities, as many different cultures and as many different activities as it is physically possible to do in the fortnight or three weeks that you are going to be away.

The answer then is Europe. As a destination, Europe is educational, inspiring and fun with something that will tick the box of every single person that visits. It really is the perfect holiday destination for those who want their holiday to be an experience they will never forget.

Here are just some of the reason why Europe is the perfect vacation destination for adventure.

You can go to bed in one country and wake up in another

Europe has one of the best integrated transport systems in the world, with the entire continent linked by a vast rail network. You could go to bed in Paris, France and Miracally wake up in Berlin, Germany having traveled across Belgium and the Netherlands in between. The ease in which you can move between countries, languages and cultures means that you can experience so much in a fraction of the time it would take to traverse the world’s biggest countries and continents such as North America and Australia.

You can walk among living history

Civilization in Europe goes back many thousands of years, with many building still standing in Rome and Athens predating the birth of Christ. You can walk up the Acropolis and think as Socrates once did or look out on the Coliseum in splendor as the Emperor Titus would have. Wherever you choose to go on the continent, you’ll find living history hiding secrets and the stories of some of the most famous people who ever lived.

You can partake in practically any activity

Whatever activity you want to turn your hand to, you can find it somewhere in Europe. The Alps offer some of the most famous mountains in the world for skiing, you can go diving in the Aegean and you can take any old car around Germany’s world famous Nürburgring racing track. You can even get chased through the streets by bulls at the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain or do the chasing yourself by trying to catch a giant roll of cheese thrown down a steep hill in Gloucesteshire, England.

You can eat some of the strangest cuisine in the world

Europe is famous for its great food, but the adventurous can also try plenty of weird and wonderful culinary delights. France is the most famous with its frogs legs and snails but you can’t go to Scotland without trying haggis, a combination of sheep liver, heart and lungs mxed in with salt and spices that is boiled in the animals stomach, or scharzsauer, a German soup made with lots of pigs blood, goose giblets, vinegar and lots of other spices that is the stuff of dreams for vampires and those looking for their daily protein hit in one dish.

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