3 Unusual Gifts for Every Personality

by - Monday, July 30, 2018

Most of the time when you’re thinking about buying a gift, you consider what you think would be ideal for the recipient. If, for instance, you’re buying something for a friend who loves nice fragrances, you’re more likely to buy something like perfume. However, the problem sometimes arises when you’ve bought perfume as a gift several times and want to try something different. The good thing is that there are gifts out there that are out of the ordinary and just about anybody would appreciate. In case you need a few ideas in this regard, you’re going to find three unusual gifts that every personality will likely love below.

Vaping Equipment

When looking for unusual gifts, one that likely wouldn’t come to the forefront of your mind are mods from Redjuice. If you have friends or loved ones who enjoy vaping, this is the perfect gift as there are a wide range that they could choose from that come in different designs, are made from various materials, and have different characteristics. Some features of different mods include bypass mode, temperature control, waterproof, changeable side panels, and a customizable user interface. For the most part, they’re unusual and should be something that anyone who enjoys vaping gets excited about.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

It’s likely that you’ve seen a Bluetooth speaker floating around at least once, even if you didn't know what it was. These fun and sizeable gadgets are an ideal gift for just about anyone- music lover or not. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are great because you don’t have to plug them in and can be used anywhere that there’s a Bluetooth connection. This could be at the beach, if you’re hosting a party at home, on vacation, in the park, or while watching movies at home. If you get a good one, it should last for several hours without you needing to charge it, which is an added bonus. In terms of price, it varies depending on the brand you opt for, but you should find one you can afford.

Battery Case

Another gift idea that is unusual but should fit every personality is a battery case. If you’re buying a gift for a smartphone user, then this is perfect as they always need to charge their phone. In case you’re buying one for an iPhone 6s user, there are several battery cases that may be ideal such as the Smiphhe iPhone 6s battery case, the Apply iPhone smart battery case, the Mophie Juice Pack reserve, or the TYLT Energi. You can usually get a battery case from $30 and upwards depending on the brand and where you decide to buy it from.

While some are pros at gift buying, others may have more of a challenge buying the right gifts for loved ones. Although it doesn’t particularly require skill, you should be attentive in terms of being able to match items to personalities or everyday needs they may have. If not, try making use of the list above and buying gifts that tend to cut across all personalities. 

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