The Top 6 Places to Visit this Winter

by - Thursday, August 02, 2018

With the end of summer just a few months away, your attention might have turned to things to do during the colder seasons. If you don’t want to stay cooped up inside your house, you could always plan an unforgettable vacation with your family or friends.

There are many fantastic locations that look even more beautiful once the snow starts to fall. Make the most of the season by finding out the top six places to visit this winter.

1. Chicago, USA
Chicago might be known as the Windy Cindy, but it’s at its most beautiful during when the snow starts to fall during winter. Few things are more attractive than Lake Michigan when it’s partially frozen over. However, you’ll want to wrap up warm, as temperatures will certainly bite during January and February because that’s when the city is at its coldest. Plan your trip at VacationRenter.com.

2. Banff National Park, Canada
How does a vacation filled with turquoise glacial lakes, rocky mountain peaks, picturesque mountain towns, and mesmerizing wildlife sound? If your answer is heaven, book a trip to Banff National Park this winter. The highlight of Canada’s oldest park is Moraine Lake, which offers the snow-capped Valley of the Ten Peaks, which are reflected in the lake’s crystal clear water.

3. Bruges, Belgium
There is no better time to visit Bruges than during the winter months. Christmas markets will dominate the city in November and December, but you’ll be able to explore the city freely come January to February. It’s the perfect city to romance your partner, as you can ice skate at Market Square, feed the swans at the Lake of Love, before treating yourself to a delicious Belgian hot chocolate.

4. Lapland, Finland
While the sun shines 24 hours per day in summer, Lapland experiences almost complete darkness during its long winter. While you might not want to visit somewhere that experiences no daylight, it’s the best time to catch an aurora borealis display – so it will definitely be worth a visit. The best time to experience the Northern Lights for yourself is usually from January to March.

5. New York, USA
There is never a bad time to visit New York, but the best season is definitely winter. While the temperature will plummet, you can expect to enjoy the electric blue sky and plenty of snow, which makes the city even more beautiful. If you’re a romantic, take a stroll through the picture perfect Central Park before skating on the popular ice rink. You can also mix with festive shoppers at famous retail stores, such as Macy’s and Bloomingdales. You will want to return year after year.

6. Bavaria, Germany
There is a magic about Bavaria during winter. In fact, if you’re a Disney fan, you’ll want to visit Schloss Neuschwanstein, which inspired Sleeping Beauty’s castle. It’s even more beautiful in the winter when both the castle and the surrounding forest are covered in snow. You’ll also be a stone’s throw away from the ski town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

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