What To Do If Your Child Is Sick

by - Tuesday, October 30, 2018

As a parent, there are few things harder than seeing your children when they are sick. Of course, illness is a part of life and usually it will not be anything serious, but it is important that you know what to do when they exhibit signs of something more serious so that you can quickly get them the care that they need. This could make all the difference in terms of their recovery and help them to get back up on their feet sooner rather than later. You do not expect your child to get sick, but unfortunately, this can occur, so you need to know how to respond:

Know When To See A Doctor

Most health issues will not be anything serious and will not require medical attention, but you should know what signs to look out for in case they do need to see a doctor. These include a fever or pain which lasts more than a few hours, vomiting often, diarrhoea that goes on for over 24 hours, unusual rashes, bad headaches, shortness of breath and if they have a pale complexion and look sick. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to health, and your doctor will be able to reassure you and take the next steps to help your child.

Stay Calm

It is upsetting when your child is sick, but you need to stay calm, remain positive and be there for them. Children will want their parents close to them at all times when they are sick and may exhibit babyish symptoms. It can be tempting to research online what the problem might be, but this is not advisable as there is a lot of bad information online and you need a healthcare professional to confirm what is wrong.

Seek Support & Practical Help

During these times, it is important to reach out to your support network for emotional support and practical help. They may be able to help with practicalities such as looking after your other children, walking the dog, phoning relatives and other tasks which you will not have time for.

Hospital Care

If the child is admitted to the hospital and needs to stay overnight, then enquire if you can stay with them for support. You should also try to keep them occupied with games and books, but you should also be honest with them so that they know what to expect. The NHS deals with vast numbers of patients and usually there are no issues, but it is worth being aware that you could sue for compensation with specialists like www.the-medical-negligence-experts.co.uk if there is any kind of mistake due to their negligence. The care that they receive will depend on what is wrong, but carefully listen to the doctor and follow their advice for the next steps.

Hopefully your child will never have an illness that requires them to need hospital care, but it is important that you know how to react in case so that they can get the treatment that they need to get them back to full health. The key is to know the “red flag” symptoms, to remain positive, carefully listen to the healthcare professionals and to make sure that you have people around you to help throughout.

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